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Show Your Style Season 2

Calling the most stylish jocks and male fashion trendsetters of the country. It’s time for PGG’s Show Your Style Season 2!

Got the model in you?
Yep, you’re right. Show Your Style aims to inspire readers of Pinoy Guy Guide and members of the PGG Forums to dress up and show their stylish side. By showing in PGG your own choice of clothing, you get to inspire other guys to be their best selves.

Dude, I don’t understand… what do I need to do?
Dude, the idea is very simple. Just take photos of yourself (the way you take pictures for your Facebook profile) wearing what you feel like and send it to my email at

After I send my pics, now what?
Upon sending of your photos, we will feature your style here in Pinoy Guy Guide. Please note that not all entries are guaranteed to be posted and featured in the blog. It is still subject for review.

Okay, so what do I get in being part of Show Your Style Season 2?

Three things:
1. Don’t you know that PGG also has female readers and fans? Well, who knows? Your future hot girlfriend may just find you here.

2.  You become part of Pinoy Guy Guide – the country’s official men’s fashion and lifestyle blog. By showing your stylish pics, you become a role model and you get to inspire other people to look their best.

3. And if that’s not enough, the most awesome part of this is that Pinoy Guy Guide and Jockey will give away prizes to the best Show Your Style entries. Check out the prizes at stake here.

Guidelines for sending your photos:
1. Entries SHOULD be your OWN photos and must be decent. Photos of other people are not allowed. By sending your photos to , you agree that PINOYGUYGUIDE.COM has the right to use your photos.

2. All photos that you will send SHOULD have NOT been used by other commercial publishing media (e.g. magazines, online websites, books, etc).

3. Photos taken by any form of camera are allowed (even if just from a camera phone) as long as it is clear and big enough.

4. If you’re a little shy, it’s alright to hide or blur your face but your apparel should be clearly visible (whether it’s a half body or whole body shot).

5. You have the option whether you want to disclose your full name or not but your nickname is necessary for the purposes of displaying it in the blog.

6. Previous participants of Show Your Style Season 1 can participate again but they should send new entries.

7. You can send up to a maximum of 10 photos.

8. Please provide a brief description of your photo and your style which will be used when posting it to the blog. An example of a blog entry will look like the one below:


Photo of me wearing an AZKALS shirt from Am.Blvd, a silver bracelet, a glossy baseball cap from Penshoppe and sporting that cap and bangs look. 😀


Since Jockey is the official sponsor of Show Your Style Season 2, you can also answer the question below when you send your entries to me to increase your chances of winning:

Question: Why would you like to win Gift Certificates from Jockey?

Hurry, sending of entries is up to June 30, 2011 only.

UPDATE: This has been extended up to July 15, 2011. Send your entries now.

I guess I have done my part… now it’s your turn to Show Your Style!

Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


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