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Dockers Alpha Khaki for the Alpha Males

Familiar with Dockers? They are the khaki brand of Levi Strauss & Co. and they recently launched the Dockers Alpha Khakis.

In the past few years we have seen that khaki pants were just no longer cool. People saw it as old school – something you used to wear back in elementary days as part of your school uniform and also something that ordinary guys wear at the office.

But a few weeks ago, everything changed when Dockers sent me their latest press release regarding their new Alpha Khakis. Dockers kind of revved up the khaki pants by adding vibrant colors and variety to them and also changing the cut from the usual straight cut to the modern slim fit. Something which fashion forward men are exactly looking for.

I guess if you are a little tired with those blue jeans, you might want to check out the Dockers Alpha Khakis. These are ultimately for the Alpha Males who want to set the trend.

Another interesting thing about these Khakis is that they come in three different finishes. They have the Scraped (1Y) finish that gives it the 1-year old look. They have the Dirty (5Y) finish that gives it the worn out 5-year old look. And they also have the Destroyed (10Y) finish that looks like the pants have been ripped and stained to give that 10-year old look. This is somewhat similar to the look that some people like in their jeans. In a nutshell, the Dockers Alpha Khakis are sort of a hybrid between denims and khakis.

Take a look at the photos of the khakis during the recent launch event of Dockers. Click each image to zoom in.


Awesome khakis, don’t you think?

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  • I think the Alpha Khakis range from 2699 to 2899. Better check it out asap, stores are running out of stock! Went to Trinoma the other day and pinakamabenta daw yung yellowish khaki

  • Great rebirth of the old boring pants,this just gave me an idea to pimp some of my old khakis,

    KUDOS to this blog!just recently discovered this great site 😀 subscribed to ur feeds,more power and keep the Pinoy Guys stylish

  • I had bought khaki from Jag, and it’s almost the same.. Can’t afford the Dockers.. Nice blog!

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