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Feiyue Shoes and Sperry Top-siders now in Manila

In the last couple of months, two shoe brands invaded the Philippines, both with interesting origins and different target market but still for the style-conscious peeps. These brands are Feiyue and Sperry Top-siders.


Don’t know how to pronounce it? Me neither. But I’ve read somewhere that it should be pronounced something like fay-yweh.

Anyway, the word Feiyue means “Flying Forward” and is originally a Chinese sneaker brand which was used for martial arts. In recent times however, a French businessman bought the brand and since then the shoes have become more of a fashion item though some of their shoes can still be used for martial arts. Take a look at some of their hot collections below.

Sperry Top-siders
Sperry is the founder and original inventor of boat shoes similar to the one you’ll see below. The company has a long history and they have been around for quite some time in other countries but not yet in the Philippines until now. Take a peek at some of their collections below.

One of the most notable things about Sperry Top-siders is their trademark barrel lace knot on their shoe laces which is not that easy to imitate but is something which must be learned by anyone who owns boat shoes.

Pretty cool and preppy huh?


If you are into Sperry Top-siders and Feiyue, you can find them in Shoe Salon stores. I think that Complex store in Eastwood has them too and a single pair costs around 3,500 Pesos on average.

So has anyone of you tried any of these brands? How is it like?


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*Image credits to Feiyue and Sperry Top-siders


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