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Cole Haan Øriginal Grand Ultra: Men’s Shoes that feel like Walking on the Moon

by Chris
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It’s been said that our weight on the moon is just 16.5% of our weight here on earth. That’s because the moon has lesser gravity so that means you could jump six times higher and you could hop off the top of a building and land on the ground softly.

Having this low gravity and lightweight as an inspiration, stylish shoemaker Cole Haan released their new line of iconic footwear called the Cole Haan Øriginal Grand Ultra Men’s Shoes.

These Oxfords are built with next-level technology that combines enhanced cushioning, instant-fit and an ultra-lightweight construction to deliver a pair of shoes that guys would consider as an all-day wearable.

The inside of the shoes has a stretch bootie that wraps your foot in a cozy, sock-like feel while the padding at the shoe’s tongue and heel ensures great fit with no break-in required. It’s the ideal shoe not just for the office boardroom but also for evening parties.

Check more photos of the Cole Haan Øriginal Grand Ultra Men’s Shoes right after the jump.

Initially launched in Singapore, the Cole Haan Øriginal Grand Ultra Men’s Shoes prices ranges from 10,000 to 13,000 Pesos when converted from Singapore Dollars.

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