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Kickers is Kickass!

Kickers is a brand of shoe that I have overlooked for a long time – until now. It is quite underrated in the Philippines but after visiting their shop last week, I gotta say that they deserve some attention because their shoes do kickass!

Kickers is a French brand that is well-known for their casual jean-boots. You know those kind of shoes that are excellent to pair with your blue, gray or white jeans like this one below?

Yep, they are the pioneer in making shoes that actually look like denims. These type of shoes are very comfortable to wear and it just rocks. However, a little quirk I am seeing with denim shoes is that you’ve gotta be careful when wearing them during the rainy season. There is a tendency for your feet to get soaked knowing that the shoes are actually made of fabric. Nevertheless, they are still cool to wear especially this time of the year when it’s almost summer. More photos below:

Oh and just one more thing – I’m sure die-hard fans of Kickers know this. Kickers has a well-known red and green insignia in their shoes. Fans love it and it’s their way to flaunt to everyone that their pair is authentic. Check it out in the photo below:


For the record, I got my gray jean-boots for only 1,200 Pesos. They are on sale now so you might want to grab yours too.


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  • hey Francis – in the men’s shoes area of department stores, they have a section for Kickers (SM has them)

    they also have a standalone boutique in the block SM North Edsa. I’m just not sure of other malls though.

  • Not really much of a shoe guy. But since my uncle passed his old kickers boots to me, I’ve been really interested in them. They’re really tough, also they look like they were made to be paired with denims.

    Have you seen if they have stocks of kick hi shoes/boots? The leather ones. They look sexy as hell with jeans.

    And yes, Kickers are definitely kickass.
    Another sign if they’re authentic is the flower shaped tag they put on their shoes.
    Hope they open more boutiques soon.

  • Melo – yes, I have seen those boots – the leather ones. Check them out at Kickers SM North Edsa. They have them.

    Ryan – thanks!

  • Yah! They’re kickass! I have a pair of their leather moccasins for a disciunted price of ~1,750, and it has been with me for almost 2 years. I wear them almost 3 times a week, and the sole is still just incredibly intact. With my “iron” feet, shoes normally last me a year of regular use. Kickers is definitely worth the investment. Will buy a new pair and send off my old ones with an honor, that is if they show signs of waer and tear. Hehe!

  • I don’t understand it. I only use my Kickers Kyle boots for vacations. I used them last year in China (2014) and I used them again this December (2015) in South Korea. While walking on one of the streets of Seoul, the soles of my boots began to peel off (both shoes eventually). I must mention that these shoes are worn by me sparingly because I thought these would be my vacation shoes for a long time. They are very comfortable and they fit me very well. I really don’t want to throw them away because they still look new. Does Kickers do repairs?

  • Dan – well that’s true. If your shoes is made of fabric, sometimes, it easily tears off.
    I don’t think they do repairs. Have you tried other shoe repair shops?

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