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Affordable Style from Men’s Club by Avon

What? Avon for Men? You ask.

I had the same initial reaction too.

I’ve always thought that the brand Avon is for women. I bet you too. I mean, Avon has built a really great reputation as a direct seller of women’s products and cosmetics and over the past year, they also launched a product line for guys too. It’s called Avon Men’s Club.


Avon Men's Club


Curious what are their products for men? Well me too. Join me as I unbox some of Avon Men’s club products. And dude, don’t worry. These are not cosmetics as what you might initially think. These are actually real products for the stylish and active guys.


Tyler Gym Bag

Admit it or not, one of our biggest problems as a guy is a gym bag. We don’t like a bag that is too big to carry nor a bag that is too small. We want a bag that is “just right” to fit in all our stuff: gym shirt and shorts, a pair of shoes, a bottle of water, our wallet, gadgets and our perfume.

Tyler Overnight or Gym Bag (2)

Tyler Overnight or Gym Bag (3)

This Tyler Gym Bag can fit all that plus more at a size that is “just right”.

Tyler Overnight or Gym Bag (4)

Tyler Overnight or Gym Bag (1)

And its suggested retail price is only at 799 Pesos. Perfect for the budget-conscious men.


Men’s Multi Tool Key Chain and Sunglass Set

One of the things that we guys have in common is our love for outdoors. I love going out ALL the time even if my body wants to stay home and get some rest.

Now this Multi Tool Key Chain and Sunglass set from Avon pretty much packs the basic stuff we need when going out: a pair of sunglasses and a multi tool key chain.


Avon Men's Club Multi Tool Keychain (1)


The Multi Tool Key Chain set looks like a Swiss Knife but it is reduced into a smaller size that has the most important tools: A Phillips and flat head screw driver, a bottle opener and a small knife. It’s something useful to bring when you are out-of-town with the rest of your friends or if you are on a mountain climbing kind of expedition.

Avon Men's Club Multi Tool Keychain (2)


The set also contains a fashionable blue sunglasses which reminds me of what Kanye West wears.

Avon Men's Club Sunglass (1)


It is pretty stylish and I really like the look of the sunglasses’ blue temple or arm.

Avon Men's Club Sunglass (2)


Men’s Wallet & 2 piece handkerchief set

Let me tell you that for me, the wallet and the handkerchief are two of the men’s accessories that I can’t live without. I mean, can you just imagine what will you use to wipe sweat off your face if you don’t have a handkerchief?

Men's Wallet and Handkerchief Set (2)


And of course my wallet has my money and my cards in it so I wouldn’t dare go out of the house without it. As a matter of fact, it is the first thing I check in my pocket before I leave the house.

Avon Men’s Club knows the importance of these two accessories so they are selling it as a “2-in-1 set” to their male customers.

Men's Wallet and Handkerchief Set (1)


Retro Rush Bag

Over the past month, especially during the month of June, I have received a lot of emails from PGG readers asking me recommendations for some good bags for school.

Avon Men's Club Retro Rush Overnight Bag (4)


Now if you are a student and you are reading this, you might also want to try this Retro Rush Bag. It is kind of a small messenger bag and is suitable for daily use at school and even if you are already a working professional.

Avon Men's Club Retro Rush Overnight Bag (3)


Retro Rush Sunglasses

Other countries have four seasons. And since those countries do not have the sun shining all-year-round, it is understandable that guys there would only wear sunglasses during the summer. Makes sense?

But here in the Philippines, we are in a tropical zone and regardless if it summer or not, the sun is shining almost throughout the entire year. So even if the summer days are long over, it would be wise to carry with you sunglasses.

Retro Rush Sunglasses for Men (2)


This Retro Rush Aviator Sunglasses from Avon Men’s Club is being sold for only 399 bucks!

Retro Rush Sunglasses for Men (1)


Men’s 2-in-1 Belt Set

Every man must own at least one formal leather belt and one casual belt. Men’s Club by Avon understands this and that is why they have a 2-in-1 belt set.

Avon Men's Club 2in1 Belt Set


The leather belt is for formal occasions (i.e. work, business meetings and maybe for school if your school has a uniform).

Avon Men's Club Leather Belt (1)


While the casual belt is always something good to pair with your jeans and khakis whenever you are out to parties on the weekends.

Avon Men's Club Casual Belt (4)


Here are more vivid pictures:



Now that was an awesome collection right?

You see, my job as a men’s fashion and style blogger is to write about the coolest stuff for men that is available out there. Avon Men’s Club is one of them. They have some good men’s accessories at prices which are very affordable, it’s almost a steal.

I’ve always believed that being stylish does not necessarily mean wearing expensive and branded clothes all the time. If it’s good and you can pull it off, then you’ll be perfectly fine.

Now going back to Avon Men’s Club, I’d say that they are pretty much of a newcomer when it comes to men’s accessories but they look very promising. I have heard from Avon Men’s Club representatives that they also have clothes available for sale so let’s look forward on what they have to offer in the days to come.



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