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TIÑO Suits for Men: It’s Time To Get Formal

Suppose you were asked: “When is the time you feel most good-looking, hot or sexy?”
What would you say?

Some people will say they feel sexy right after going to the gym.

Some people would say that they look hot when naked. LOL. I know people who keep saying that.

Still, a few others would say that they look good when they are well-dressed.

If you ask me the same question, I would almost say something similar to the above but specifically, I’d like to say that I look my very best when wearing a suit.




In the last couple of weeks, I discovered a bespoke tailor shop somewhere in Makati. Their name is TIÑO Suits & Barongs. Bespoke means that their formal suits are made to the buyer’s specification and each piece of item you get from them are personally made by hand by their master tailor.



Truth be told, I never fully understood bespoke until I found TIÑO. I remember back then, I used to buy ready-to-wear suits from department stores and then have them altered to fit me better. While that method seems to be plausible enough, I couldn’t think of a better way to tell you how significantly better it is to have a suit that is custom-made especially for your body measurements. Here is a 3 piece suit that I tried from TIÑO***. Notice how the suit’s jacket falls at the width of my shoulders.

TINO Suits


TIÑO also explained that when it comes to three-piece suits like this, the dress shirt that you wear underneath should be longer than the sleeve of the suit’s jacket. As a rule of thumb, the cuff of the dress shirt should be longer so that it would show as protruding by about half an inch, similar to this:


Cuff should show about 0.5 inch suit


Another thing about bespoke tailoring like TIÑO is that you have the option to choose the fabric you want to use for your suit. Most of their fabrics are imported but you may also opt to bring your own fabric if you have one available.


TIÑO fabric


When buying a suit from TIÑO, their tailor and helpful personnel will assist you when fitting from head-to-toe to make sure that everything feels comfortable. They also give you tips on how to wear your suit correctly. For instance, I was told that the lowest button of the suit’s jacket (the last one closest to your waist) should always be left unbuttoned.

Unbuttoned Suit from TIÑO

Me at the fitting room of TIÑO Suits & Barongs


The master tailor from TIÑO had been trained in Italy and has decades of experience in making men’s formal wear. I’ve heard that he used to tailor barongs for Former President Joseph Estrada. What I like about them too, is that they also give modern tips for wearing a suit.

Contrary to tradition, for example, one of the modern ways of wearing the dress shirt underneath the suit’s jacket is to leave the collar button open like what celebs do these days.

Unbuttoned Collar


And in addition to that, using a slim tie is highly-recommended.

Slim Tie


Check out some more of my photos at their shop and fitting room at the gallery below:



You can totally see that TIÑO Suits & Barongs know their craft well. I suggest you pay them a visit. They are located at Herco Center, Benavidez St. in Makati City.

Their suits and barongs are for all the formal occasions you have in mind. Prom, Business Conferences and Weddings. I’ve actually seen a number of their male customers who are ordering suits for their weddings.



Are you going to be a groom in a few months time? Drop by TIÑO to see your options. Looking for TIÑO Barongs and more modern suits? Check this out.



***Disclosure: The suit featured in the photos are for illustration purposes only. The suit is close to my size but did not undergo multiple-fittings and customizations for me.


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Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • that’s great news! a bespoke tailoring sa atin… just make sure it’s real bespoke and not MTM.. there’s a very fine line between the 2 since MTM also has that degree of customization and adjustment. the main difference is bespoke tailoring is made from scratch. meaning a new pattern will be made based on your physique not just simple measurement of how wide is your shoulder but a pattern that will cater on hows the slope on you shoulder. also it requires a number of fitting from the basic pattern to finished

    as for my understanding you just tried one of their available suits and haven’t availed the services yet? because:
    – sleeves still look baggy/big for your arms especially @ the wrist.
    – pant’s length is still long unless you prefer with a break
    – terribly needs better waist suppression
    – pant’s still baggy but depends on your preference again if you want to perfect fit.
    – jacket length is perfect coz it covers your butt.
    – jacket shoulder width seems to be spot on… kaya couple of adjustments na lang.

    regarding unbuttoned collar… prolly the tailor prefers the non-nonchalant italian style aka sprezzatura. again its preference and traditionalist tend to disagree.

    as for the width of the tie, shirt collar and jacket lapel…. they should match.. skinny tie calls for narrower collar and lapel.
    btw you need a shorter length sleeves for your shirt, it should stop @ your wrist bone.
    Last but not the least, the one thing that makes it hard for most off the rack suits and even MTM – HIGH ARMHOLE

  • I meant the lack of high armhole jackets for off the rack and mtm suits…. because having a lower armhole caters to larger crowd that equates to cost efficient mass production.

  • hiei – yep, you are right. the one I’m wearing in the photo is not mine, but the size is quite close. I just happened to pass by TIÑO on my way home and I kind of wanted to feature them here on PGG so I tried to wear what they have available.

    Bespoke is really not yet popular in the Philippines. We are so used to RTWs and alterations because it is much cheaper. TIÑO is kind of hoping to make bespoke known to our country.

  • That’s nice to hear 🙂 btw what his ballpark price and how many fittings? I hope its affordable for pinoy cause the closest you can get with the best bespoke suit is Hong Kong where their tailors and cutters are trained in Saville Row.
    I also hope its the real deal bespoke and not typical MTM (made to measure)

  • I know Tino and had my suits done by them. The master tailor is very well-trained, he was from Brioni Philippines before and he had his training at Brioni Italy. Their 2 piece suit starts from 23,000. They also have Loro Piana fabrics for 60k up to 100k. I never regretted having my suit done by them, it was perfect.

  • hiei, what allan said above is quite close. Starting price for a 3 piece suit is at around 20 thousand Pesos, then 30k or more.

    A bit pricey, yes, but it is bespoke after all and they cater to the midrange to high end market.

    I think you can also name your price and they will make you a suit according to your budget.

  • Well as said by the author, the suit was not his in the beginning. He just tried it to see how it feels.

  • Chris,
    I saw some of their finished product from another blog and little discussion along with tinos owner on another site that I frequently visit… sad to say it still fall short.

  • hiei, thanks for the feedback.

    anyway, how much does bespoke tailoring cost their in the US? I’m curious and also, do you know of any stores here in Manila that does bespoke too?


  • No. – it is not exactly for everybody. I think they cater to the high-end market.

    Mico – thanks. Yup, I just tried it so that I can feature on PGG. 🙂

  • Chris,
    My uncle once had a correspondence both tailor and shoemaker in saville row and the cost is around $6k for each suit and dress shoes… this was couple of years ago. I have an MTM suit from thick as thieves LA for about $500. Construction is excellent for its price and their cut are very contemporary.
    Check Secret Armory Bespoke @ facebook I think they are located in pasay. The pictures look more promising than Tino.

  • Pictures are really deceiving and you wouldn’t actually know how it looks and feels until you experience it. I had a Vitale Barberis suit done by them, and it was perfect. I’m planning to have my next suit to be a Loro Piana.

  • chris,
    i fully understand, it’s difficult to discern how a suit fits based on pictures. but the pictures i seen seems to have issues with sleeve pitching and divot.

    my protocol for a suit:
    1. FIT – proper fitting suit should mask the body imperfections and enhance your best features.
    2. Construction – canvassed, half canvassed, fused or properly sewn. good prerequisite for having a good fit and also equates to durability.
    3. Fabric – Would be the least of my worries… and fortunately a great fitting and properly built suit would always have higher density fabric from known italian mills.

    that’s great, Tino worked perfectly for you. wpuld you care to share how your suits fit in our forum? this will be very beneficial for this article and PGG community to have options with skillful local tailors.

  • hiei – thanks. I appreciate all your inputs. Your protocol is something to keep in mind.

    Speaking of fabric -> isn’t this important too? what are your thoughts about it?

    btw, let me see if I can feature more of TIÑO’s products as well as Secret Armory which you mentioned. I’d like to write about barongs too, so let’s see how it goes.

    I need to do some homework in locating bespoke and MTM shops here. it is not that common in my area. Or maybe, I’m just not looking around.

  • chris,

    you’re welcome always glad to help.
    what i meant about fabrics being the least of my worries was based on my experience if the suit fits and constructed properly, fabrics always fall on the right place. my latest suit with the preferred armhole that creates slimmer silhouette and hides my delts and arms has vitale barberis canonico (VBC).

    my premise is a tailor will not go to great lengths for creating a properly sorted suit then fall short with his available fabric. though fabric has always been great factor to affect the price esp with top tier english and italian mills

  • I’m one of the oldest clients of Tiño’s master tailor, and he is by far, the best tailor in the country. I’ve tried tailors here and there, but in the end, I still feel happiest with Nap. And what’s good about Him, his craft is the closest thing to his heart. My point? Please don’t get to technical with Bespoke. After all, it’s a form of craftmanship that goes beyond what you can see on pictures, or read from articles. Bespoke is an Art that should be experienced, and it trancsends to a harmonious relationship between the client and the Maestro. Everything I read from here and there, not even close to my “bespoke experience” with Tiño.

  • PS: Just a heads-up – when you visit Tiño, spare atleast an hour. I usually get so happy about how accommodating and knowledgable Tiño family is that you might find yourself wanting to stay and have great conversation with them.

  • Walter,

    Thanks for pointing out the personal aspects of your bespoke experience. Yes, i totally agree it’s equally important to have a very comfortable working relationship with your tailor.

    I aim to keep all my observations very objective as possible. I was hoping you guys can shed a better light about his work. For being bespoke you can say that tino is really an artisan because he was able to address my uneven shoulders, short arms, big chest etc…. His suit was able to make me look leaner and tall despite my imperfections.

    All of us can agree that the pictures posted is not giving them justice. Sadly part of an effective marketing and advertisement is visual appeal. Being part of the PGG community, some members live in far flung provinces. And if im going to avail tinos services those pictures will not make me drive 4hrs to metro manila. One of the effective ways i’ve seen that was made by thick of thieves LA is they created a blog where their clients can post their fit pics. It’s much better than using models with perfect physique because the regular juan can easily relate how a simple pedro rocked their suit.

  • well, first.. hiei is very rich! Lol! I would love to take home yung mga pinaglumaan nya.

    kidding aside, I think Tiño only caters people who are rich as my first impression while I am about to start reading the entry, “looks expensive..”

    Cris, I think you will look better if you add cufflink accessory at end of your sleeve to complete the get-up!

    As far as I know, do not buttoned the 3 buttons in a blazer, should be less.

  • Don’t you think you are doing a “bespoke” tailor a disservice by posting photos of you in a suit that wasn’t made for you? It fits terribly and fits worse than an off the rack suit. Kind of goes against the point of your article, especially in a “fashion blog”.

    You obviously don’t know much about suits, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but calling yourself a Men’s Style Blogger (which is perfectly fine as well)and making all these statements (unbuttoned collar button, calling that a three piece suit, etc.) will make people take your word based simply on what some tailor told you.

    I am not trying to be mean. Just being constructive (I hope). Peace!

  • Hi Estevan, welcome to PGG.

    I understand your point and to some level, I agree that it would be much better if I’ve posted a picture of a suit that was made for me.

    I admit that I am not an expert when it comes to the nitty gritty details of bespoke tailoring. In fact, I am still learning more about it since my discovery of TIÑO. The reason why I wrote this post is to promote awareness that “bespoke” tailoring exists in a country like the Philippines, where most guys are into RTWs.

    Anyway, thank you for your feedback. I’ll try doing a better post next time and keep your suggestions in mind.


  • For real? The blogger tried on their suits and had his pictures taken for the article? That’s a bit unethical and indulgent, not even people from print do that. I bet he also asked for freebies. Medyo ill-fitting tuloy kasi let’s face it, those are models sizes, not custom made for him.

    I like the article though. Pretty witty.

  • Hi Kyle,

    I have seen that you have been a reader of PGG for quite some time. I am sorry if you did not find this article helpful.

    The purpose of this write-up is to inform readers that there is something like this in Manila.

    Anyway, in order to be clear, I added a disclosure at the end of the article:

    “***Disclosure: The suit featured in the photos are for illustration purposes only. The suit is close to my size but did not undergo multiple-fittings and customizations for me.”

    Rest assured I will take note of your feedback and try to improve on our articles next time.

    Thanks and see you around,

  • Ciprianni Couture offers Tailoring service. We are in the business of manufacturing and ourselves selling business attire like Suits and Barong. We pride in the fact that we make all our Suits and Barongs from the best fabrics and our designs set us apart from everybody else in the industry. We established elite clients that continuously customized their best suit and barong from us.
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  • bro Im from alabang. do you know where can i can find custom suits here. i want to wear one that really fits me. whenever i buy it from the malls its always too long in my arms.. help me anyone.

  • This is the first article i read here. naghahanap ako ng bagong mapapatahian. sa totoo lang fail talaga.

    Una, that is not a 3 piece suit, so edit that part out.

    Pangalawa, slim ties are not always right. ties are proportion to the lapel.

    pangatlo, papano naman ako gaganahan pumunta sa tino kung hindi naman sukat sayo ang suit at masama ang fit in so many ways. pants din masyado baggy at mahaba.

    sorry pero fail talaga.

    “Truth be told, I never fully understood bespoke until I found TIÑO” –Huh? Kinuha mo lang sa rack yung suit e. di ka naman nag pa measure, fitting, adjustments. lahat ng suits ko mula sa pinaka mura mas maganda pa ang fit kesa sa suit na yan. hay talaga….

  • Hi Mike – Welcome to PGG. Thank you for your feedback. I’m sorry if you did not find this helpful. I will work on a better article on this next time based from your comments.

    Thank you.

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  • Hi Chris,

    Does Tino’s do custom dress shirts as well? My boyfriend wants to tread lightly and go with shirts first. He loves his suits and is just looking around for custom-made shirts for now. Thanks!

  • Guys you can try JE&Co Haberdashery & Fine Gentleme’s shop in Teacher’s Village. I was once there and they do make bespoke suits. I went there for my wedding barong though.

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