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Fila Hague Men’s Backpack

We love the top two sportswear brands. I mean who doesn’t love Nike and Adidas which are being endorsed by our favorite athletes? But here’s my little style secret that I would like to share with you guys.

If you are looking for a cheaper option of sports gear which has a decent quality and is fashionable, I would suggest you try Fila. Yea, they do not appeal as much as they used to (Fila, if you are reading this, I suggest you add more marketing), but still, Fila is still a brand that you should not overlook especially when it comes to inexpensive sporting apparel.

To prove my point, take a look at this Fila Hague Men’s Backpack.


Fila Hague Men's Backpack (1)


Not bad right? I love the skydiver shiny blue color. If you’d notice, it also has some padding at the rear so your back will feel comfortable when you carry it.

Fila Hague Men's Backpack (2)

Fila Hague Men's Backpack (3)


It also has a front pocket where you can put your shoes and other stuff.

Fila Hague Men's Backpack (7)

 Fila Hague Men's Backpack (5)


The inside has a generous amount of space too. You can carry your gym gear and maybe your tablet plus other gadgets.

Fila Hague Men's Backpack (8)

Fila Hague Men's Backpack (9)



And my most favorite part of the bag? The small hole on top where you can slip through your headphones. It’s awesome when you want to listen to your music while your iPod is in the bag.

Fila Hague Men's Backpack (6)


The bag fits you if who are into sports and gym. It also fits students who need an all-around bag for school, most especially for P.E. classes (damn! I miss being a student). More pictures below.



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