As a kid, I grew up in Kenya, a former British colony. It’s a long story but I remember during my preparatory days, I used to go to some kind of an international school where students of different nationalities and mixed races studied together.

One of the things I loved during my stay there was my school’s uniform.  It consisted of a checkered dress shirt plus navy blue pants with a sweater to top it off. After all, it’s a little cold in Kenya so a sweater is necessary. The climate is actually close to that of Baguio.

To tell you the truth, I really miss those times. So during my shopping spree at Marks & Spencer, I got thrilled when I spotted this sweater. It looks similar to what I used to wear in Kenya.

 Marks & Spencer Sweater


I tried fitting it at their store and I paired it up with light brown chinos for the bottom. I liked it so much that I ended up buying it.

M&S Preppy Sweater (1)

M&S Preppy Sweater


So you might wonder why I bought this given that it’s warm in the Philippines. Well, I bought it because it’s getting colder nowadays due to the rainy season and also to prepare my wardrobe for the upcoming Yuletide.

And aside from that, this sweater has a little secret. If you think that I am wearing a dress shirt underneath it, well you are wrong. If you look closely, I’m just wearing the sweater. There is nothing underneath it. The collar that you are seeing is a fake collar. What appears to be a collar is just a piece of cloth that is sewn directly to the sweater to make it appear as if you are wearing it on top of a dress shirt. Magic? You bet!

M&S Sweater

Moreover, the sweater is not too hot to wear. It is something you can sport as part of your get-up if you work or study in an air-conditioned building. Aside from maroon, the sweater is also available in gray. More pictures after the jump.

M&S Sweater (2)


You know, wearing this outfit makes me feel like I’m in another country studying in some Ivy League or British Preparatory School. I know that might sound a bit dreamy, but I think there is nothing wrong with trying the preppy look once in a while for the sake of style.


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