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PGG Show Your Style 3 Featuring: Jay

Exactly what should you wear during the cold months or when you are out-of-the-country traveling to winter-cold cities? In this post, PGG reader Jay, shows us his get-up during his recent trip to South Korea.


PGG Show Your Style Jay

What’s on Jay: Pullover Shirt, Slim Fit Daily Jeans, Scarf, Leather Boots, Aviator Shades

Style Tip from Jay:

“Wearing the right color of clothing at the right positions can actually make a difference on the overall look. During my trip to Seoul, I wrapped my scarf around my neck and made a European knot. This not only protected me from the cold weather but also gave me this preppy look. And even though it was freezing cold, I still needed those pair of shades while wandering around the city. A pair of aviator sunglasses can give you that striking and “maangas” look.” – Jay

Thank you Jay for sharing your style for the cold season here at Pinoy Guy Guide. Good Luck!

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