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PGG Show Your Style 3 Featuring: John Paul

In this post, John Paul, a student from a university in Batangas and also a part-time singer shows us his style during out-of-town trips and his get-up during live singing performances. Let’s give it up for JP!



PGG Show Your Style 3 - John Paul (1)

Style Tip from John:

“Photoshoot? Nope, it’s just a requirement when I auditioned to be a university model, and now, I got it. I’m wearing a 3/4 sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans. Tip: Just be simple.”  –John Paul



PGG Show Your Style 3 - John Paul (2)

Style Tip from John:

“Im wearing shorts and a 100% cotton T-shirt. Tip: Don’ just wear fit shirts and shorts , wear something that is comfortable especially when you go to hot places.”
John Paul



PGG Show Your Style John Paul (3) - Copy

Style Tip from John:

“Above jump shot was taken at a resort here in Batangas. I’m wearing jeans and a plain stretchable T-shirt. Tip: Wear something that fits a specific event or place.”
John Paul



PGG Show Your Style 3 - John Paul (4)

Style Tip from John:

“This photo was from a guesting performance. Taken last November 15, 2013. Event: Mutya ng Batangas 2013 where I was serenading the 23 candidates. It was an awesome  night and one of my best performances even though technical problems occurred. I’m wearing a formal attire made by one of the best designers in Batangas. Tip: Be matured enough to choose what you want to wear.”  –John Paul


Thanks for joining PGG Show Your Style 3, John Paul! I wish you all the best in your singing gigs.

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