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Beer Talk: Taste testing San Miguel Lifestyle Brews

Friday. It’s one particular day of the week you wouldn’t dare miss. I remember, I would always go on vacation leave on any other work day of the week except Friday because Friday is that special day for my colleagues and friends. It’s a day when we all hangout and grab a bottle of beer after a long week’s hardwork.

There are three bar & grill restos where my pals and I often drink for the happy hour. It’s in Plantation, Central and my new favorite: Bugsys Makati. And three of the beers we order are San Miguel Lifestyle Brews

PGG - San Mig Lifestyle Brews

My friends and I have different choices in what we drink. So in the last couple of weeks, my beerkada and I were taste-testing San Miguel Lifestyle Brews. Ever wondered what’s the twist you’d find in each? Check this.


San Miguel Cerveza Negra Beer

San Mig Cerveza Negra

This is my friend Paul’s favorite. It is predominantly bitter due to its dark roasted malt but has a twist of caramel taste. It’s perfect for the dudes who love that kick of earthy flavor. If you are a hardcore beer drinker and love that strong smoky and foamy taste like my friend Paul, then this one is for you.


San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer

San Mig Premium All Malt

I find Premium Malt to be less bitter than Cerveza Negra and in fact, it has some citrusy and a little sweet after taste. Not to mention that the aroma is really good. My friend Jester who has a sweet tooth prefers Premium Malt over the other San Mig brews.


San Miguel Super Dry Beer

San Mig Super Dry

Finally, my favorite among the three would be San Miguel Super Dry. I find its taste and aroma rich, clean and full-bodied. Not too sweet, not too bitter – it suits my lifestyle and what I like in a beer. It’s a perfect way to end the week and evidently, this is one of San Mig’s best-sellers because it is always available in almost every bar and grill we go to.

Chris - San Miguel Lifestyle Brews


I’ve heard from my economics professor back in college that San Miguel continues to get international awards because of their beers’ excellent taste. Even foreigners love them. Watch this video to know more about San Miguel Lifestyle Brews. Drink responsibly dudes.



So what about you? What’s your preferred San Miguel Lifestyle brew?

Happy New Year from Pinoy Guy Guide and San Miguel Beer. Cheers to 2014.


This post is a collaboration between San Miguel Beer and Pinoy Guy Guide.

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