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PGG Show Your Style 3 Featuring: Joel

The cold weather came in a month late. With temperatures in Manila dropping as low as 17.5 degrees Celsius and even way colder in provinces, Joel over here who is a biker, shows us some of his cool getup as he braces up for the coolest season.



What Joel is wearing: Penshoppe pulled over checkered long sleeves shirt; Street Jeans straight cut pants; aviator shades; Pacco Belt from Natasha and All Star chucks; accessory from SM Accessories.




“In the above pic, I’m wearing a Hollister hooded jacket and a straight cut peach twill chinos pants, black Nike velcro shoes and my motorbike is the Honda Wave Dash.”


PGG Show Your Style 3 - Joel (4)

On Joel: Black polo with a white singlet, white cap, aviator sunglasses and gray chinos shorts.

“With regard to color combinations I am kind of attracted to wearing a mix of neutral colors. Like what I am wearing in this picture, it’s just limited to 3 colors which is white, black and grey. Plus putting a classic aviator shades to complete a masculine get up. These colors brings out a classic but elegant appearance to your fashion. Radiating a sense of control, confidence and sophistication.”  -Joel



PGG Show Your Style 3 - Joel (1)

What’s on Joel: Freego olive drab polo shirt; Giordano khakis; aviator shades; Motogear Biker Gloves.

Style Tip from Joel:

“I usually choose clothes that are comfortable to wear and with a hybrid of retro and metrosexual fashion. Though I prefer retrosexual or the “hip” style, I am also flexible to any type of fashion as long as it is presentable and suits my personality. Lastly, I also consider the price. It doesn’t need to be pricey just to have a “good look” – It’s how you carry yourself.”


Just a bit of info: Joel is currently working as a medical transcriptionist and hopes to finish his studies someday. He lives in Bacolod City.

Thank you Joel for joining PGG Show Your Style 3 and for inspiring the PGG brotherhood for dressing well this cold season. Good luck to your endeavors!

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