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Touring the TeleTech Office

When you first get out of college, the first thing you will do is to look for a job. I think that’s automatic. That’s even the reason why we go to college in the first place right? To earn money for ourselves and to stand up on our own feet after school.

As a fresh graduate a few years ago (okay, don’t ask), I clearly remember how my classmates and I were like in a race to be the first to get a job. I think among my closest peers, I was one of the firsts to have landed a cool job that matched my course within just a couple of weeks of searching. I considered myself lucky that time as I got an Associate Software Engineer role back then. I write software code even up to now. 🙂

Thanks of course to the boom of Information Technology and BPO companies in the Philippines, getting a job these days is faster for those who keep trying. Now one particular company that has contributed a lot to the growth of business process outsourcing is TeleTech. I am pretty sure you have heard of them as they are one of the top BPO and call center companies in the country.

Last Saturday, I was invited, along with other bloggers, to visit one of TeleTech’s offices in Mandaluyong. The reason why we were there? To get a preview of what it’s like to work in a BPO and call center industry leader like TeleTech.

Entering their office, I was surprised when I saw their walls. I thought I was in a mall or some sort of coffee shop. See how colorful they are? It’s fascinating how they were able to make the place look professional without being boring.

TeleTech Office Tour (24)


Everything we see around is their office is eye candy. Who doesn’t want to work in an office that looks like this?

TeleTech Office Tour (23)


TeleTech Office Tour (2)


During our orientation with TeleTech’s recruiters, we were given an overview of how TeleTech is different compared to other call center and BPO companies. From what I have learned, there are three main reasons why TeleTech is special and why you may want to consider applying for a job with them.



Remember how I told you last month that the commute here in Metro Manila is getting worse each day and is driving me insane? I even had to rent a condo just  to avoid the traffic and the long queues at the MRT. With TeleTech, you can avoid all the hassle because you can apply at any of their 15 branches across the Philippines which is closest to your home.

A job closer to home means more personal time for you to spend with friends and family and also to focus on your sports and hobbies. Blogging and football anyone? 🙂



I’ve been in the corporate world for a few years already and trust me when I say this: Pay is not everything. What makes you happy at work is not only the salary and the actual job itself but also the friends you have at work. Having a “barkada” at the office will make your work more fun and enjoyable than ever.

TeleTech’s management knows the importance of nurturing friendships in the workplace so they make sure to encourage socialization through TeleTech Summer Outings, Employee Awards Night, Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations and even Fun Runs to promote health and fitness. All these will make you look forward to come to work each day.


Opportunities for Growth

TeleTech knows that employees want to enhance their skills and rise up the corporate ladder. In order to support an environment that allows career growth, they provide their employees with a plethora of trainings. They have an online learning and development tool called TeleTech University where employees can attend seminars via the web.


Being the techie guy that I am, I tried to get a glimpse of their online training. My first lesson? Dealing with Angry Customers. I think I need this. Haha!

TeleTech Office Tour (15)


Then one particular training that captured my attention is this: Six Sigma. Just for the record, this is a very expensive training for IT and BPO practitioners and TeleTech is giving it to their employees for free. If that isn’t career development, I don’t know what is.

TeleTech Office Tour (17)



I also found out that TeleTech prefers to promote employees within the company to leadership roles rather than hiring someone from the outside to become their managers. As a proof of this, the current managers and supervisors who we talked to at the TeleTech tour were former call center agents before they got promoted.

TeleTech Office Tour (5)


TeleTech Office Tour (18)

 Me (second from the right), with other bloggers.


If you are looking for a job or looking for career growth, you may want to check out the TeleTech hub near your place. Check the career openings they have at TeleTechJobs.com


Disclosure: This write-up is sponsored by TeleTech

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  • Who are the other bloggers in the pic? Can you name them and their blogsite as well?

  • Hey Carlos, that’s Jam, David, (then the guy in white – I can’t remember his name, sorry), TJ, me and Winslow.

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