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Sports Barbers: The Rugged But Professional Hairstyle

People from the provinces flock Manila, the Philippine capital, for various reasons. Some look for a decent-paying job, others to get education from top universities, while a fairly decent number of guys come here to see the latest trends in fashion and also get their hairstyles attuned to the times.

And speaking of hairstyles, I discovered yet another spectacular place to get a haircut: Sports Barbers.

Sports Barbers for Men Ayala Fairview Terraces (50)


Sports Barbers is an athletic-themed barbershop (obviously. haha). Last Tuesday, during the holiday, I was invited to one of their branches located in Ayala Fairview Terraces to try out their men’s hair color punch. When I entered their barbershop, I was so surprised that I had to ask myself: “Am I in a basketball court?”.

Sports Barbers for Men Ayala Fairview Terraces (33)



That’s because Sports Barbers is the barbershop equivalent of NBA cafe. Everywhere my eyes went I see everything related to sports. I look up and there goes some hoops then I look right and there goes the scoreboard.

Sports Barbers for Men Ayala Fairview Terraces (35)



Heck, even the barbers are wearing jerseys. How cool is that?

Sports Barbers for Men Ayala Fairview Terraces (46)


One great thing about Sports Barbers is that they are concentrating on expanding their branches in the provinces. So what does this mean to you and me? Well if you live in the provinces, you no longer need to go to the metro to get some serious hairstyling. You can visit Sports Barbers at their branches in Fairview, Laguna, Cavite and many more coming soon.

Now the important part: Let’s talk about their service.

In the last three years, you have seen me dye my hair a couple of times. One in 2012, which is mostly highlights, then another in 2013, where I sported the footballer hairstyle (the most daring I’ve tried to date). This year, I wanted to try full color – something which is simpler, but still edgy and somewhat football-inspired. A look which I can say is a bit scruffy but at the same time still professional-looking.

That’s hard to combine isn’t it? So maybe you’re wondering: how would I achieve that look?

I collaborated with my Sports Barber and we agreed on cutting my hair short and coloring it with something close to ash. I kind of wanted to have ash dark brown but the color was not available at that time so I opted for ash blonde.


We started with the usual shower…

Sports Barbers for Men Ayala Fairview Terraces (58)


Then some quick trimming…

Sports Barbers for Men Ayala Fairview Terraces (61)


And then the application of hair color.

Sports Barbers for Men Ayala Fairview Terraces (70)


The thing about hair coloring is that you just don’t know how your hair will look like when they rinse it after the treatment. It’s going to make you nervous.

The entire process took less than two hours. The end result? Pogi! Haha.

Sports Barbers - Hairstyle for Filipino Men (2)


I’m kidding of course. But did I get what I want? Absolutely. As you can see, it still has the footballer look. The ash blonde color is noticeable but not too loud.

Sports Barbers - Hairstyle for Filipino Men (3)



I call this the rugged but professional men’s hairstyle because yes, it is trendy but is still safe for school and for work. It makes me feel awesome.

Sports Barbers - Hairstyle for Filipino Men (1)


Anyway guys, if you want to try out Sports Barbers, they are giving away free hair color punch and hair treatment for men at their branches. You can get yourself styled just by joining their online promo.


SB I Am Awesome Online


For more details, like Sports Barbers on Facebook.



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  • hey i know this post is old i just want to know if they do other hairstyles like pompadours and stuff?

  • this is actually a great posts. nakapagpagupit na din ako dyan.. super worth it ang binayad ko dyan na 700. Bukod sa malinis at maganda ang facilities ay talagang maeenjoy mo sya.. kakaiba sya may concept. this is cool. hindi boring ang place di katulad ng iba

  • My rating: 2/10.

    1. The barber destroyed my hairstyle.
    – I came in with an elaborate forward undercut with long bangs (like Bieber’s 2016 hairstyle), and asked the barber to do a fade and to trim the top a little. He instead, gave me a uniform length cut all around destroying my style. Then he changed my style to a brush up, which I did not ask for.

    2. The barber did a rush job and was distracted.
    – I was perplexed because the barber took so much time to do my fade, which he did well by the way. But I don’t know why he rushed my bangs. Giving me no time to react at all. He also kept looking at his colleagues while they were talking to their customers like how barbers should do so.

    3. The barber was forcing an advertisement.
    – I went in wearing wax of course, and there was a point where he had a hard time to comb my hair because of it. He then commented “Sir ang tigas ng buhok niyo, baka gusto niyong ipatreatment. Gaganda yan.” Need I say more?

    4. The haircut was just too expensive.
    – I mean, the haircut he gave me was shit. For P280 I don’t think it’s worth it. P280 for just a HAIRCUT. I mean, compared to bench Fix where a full haircut with 2 washes costs only P250, the Sports barbershop does not seem compare at all. The only reason why I tried the Sports Barbershop because the site described their staff as “highly trained barbers”. But given the fact that he murdered my hairstyle, I don’t think that’s true at all.

    – Before anything, I want to tell y’all that I didn’t complain or throw tantrums in the shop. I just paid the P280 and even tipped the hair serial killer P50 and left. But I don’t think I’ll ever come back. The cheap P50 barber shops near me does so much better. Don’t buy in to the hype. Bench Fix, or any other cheap barber shop will do so much better.

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