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Calvin Klein Jeans Men’s Trifold Wallet

Whenever a special occasion ends (like your birthday or Christmas whatsoever) do you ever stop to think what is one special gift that you bought for yourself?

There are the non-tangible gifts: good health, a happy life, a caring family, a generous employer, true friends, a special someone. That’s given and something you should be really thankful for. Then there are tangible gifts: gifts that others give to you and a gift which you give to yourself. I know it sounds kind of self-centered, but I don’t see anything wrong with buying something you really like to reward yourself and to make the occasion memorable.

And that is exactly what I did last Christmas. I began searching for something that I need (and want) but I don’t know why, for some reason, I ended up in a Calvin Klein store in Mall of Asia. It is not the place to be if you want something that is easy on the pocket, but when I saw this wallet, it was simply impossible for me to resist. I mean how could I?

Calvin Klein Jeans Men's Trifold Wallet



Look at the details. From afar, the design appears like stitches but if you observe closely, you will notice how fine and how intricate they printed Calvin Klein all over. Talking about branding.

Calvin Klein Wallet for Men


This Calvin Klein wallet is made of genuine leather.

Calvin Klein Trifold Men's Wallet (2)



It is a trifold wallet and very useful for guys who have a bunch of credit, debit, ATM and membership cards like me. Click the pictures below to view how thin the wallet is and how it unfolds.


The wallet originally costs 5,250 Pesos but I got it on sale for a price of 4,462 Pesos.

Calvin Klein Trifold Men's Wallet (1)


It is the first time I ever bought something from CK. I know the price is kind of hefty but I think it is worth it given that the wallet is made of authentic leather.


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