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G by Guess: Brilliant and Shiny Menswear for Hipsters

Black and white billboards of gorgeous women plastered all over the highway. You just know it has to be Guess.

Guess has always been known to advertise their apparel with very good looking people. Their ads, normally in black and white, has always been the classic look of Guess. It’s iconic and their campaigns are known to have won advertising awards.

Guess billboards


However, here in the country, I have noticed that they are an overlooked brand of apparel. Maybe because their products are kind of pricey, but they have excellent quality you know. Their shirts normally cost more than 3,000 Pesos and I understand that it is not as easy on the pocket.

To complement that classic and high-range impression that many people have on Guess, they created a separate brand in 2007 called “G by Guess”.

G by Guess


Noticed something? G by Guess is especially-catered for hipsters. Their shirts are priced mid-range, normally costing less then 3,000 Pesos and appeal more to the youth. In the past, G by Guess was launched in Asia and in the Philippines as well.

G by Guess Asia


G by Guess Asia 2



At the global level, G by Guess is competing with Aéropostale, Abercrombie and the likes. Their clothing line are priced similarly as well. I think that is pretty good and gives consumers like us more choices when it comes to clothing.

Last Christmas, I received a gift from my brother which he bought at G by Guess. You’ve probably seen me on Instagram wearing this.

G by Guess Philippines Men's Shirt


It is a shiny and clean shirt. I also noticed that the trend among hipster brands these days are superthin shirts like this one given to me as a gift.


The brand looks promising. I’ll be returning to one of their stores these days to see more of G by Guess. What do you think?


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