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Gym Membership Rates 2015: The Complete Guide

Given that we are halfway through the first month of 2015, I’d like to ask you this question: How many of you had weight-loss resolutions? How is it going so far?

If you haven’t started to get in shape this 2015, it is never too late. That is why, in today’s post, Pinoy Guy Guide is featuring everything you need to know about the membership rates of the Top 3 Gyms in the country: Fitness First, Gold’s Gym and Slimmers World.

Fitness First Premium (a.k.a Regular branches)

Membership Types and Rates:

  • Lifestyle (For 12 months contract)
    • 2,995 Pesos per month
    • One-time joining fee of 2,000 Pesos
    • One-time admin fee of 1,500 Pesos
    • (Optional: Body First Kit that includes workout and meal plans): 2,100 Pesos
  • Premier (For 5 months contract)
    • 3,295 Pesos per month
    • One-time joining fee of 3,000 Pesos
    • One-time admin fee of 1,500 Pesos
    • (Optional: Body First Kit that includes workout and meal plans): 2,100 Pesos

So Initial Payment = Monthly Due + Joining Fee + Admin Fee + BODY FIRST KIT (optional)

Payment Options: Credit card or Cash

Other Details:

  • If paid in cash, you must pay in full. If by credit card, membership can be paid monthly (via autodebit).
  • BODY FIRST = 3 Session Starting Program
  • Each initial membership entitles a Passport Membership, meaning one can work out at any of their clubs except the Platinum branches. After 6 months, this can be downgraded to a Home Membership (a.k.a single-branch-only) for a lower price.
  • Features and Facilities: Cardio, Free Weights, Group Exercises, Gym Floor, Loaded Weights, Lounge Area, Steam Sauna, Shower, Wifi, Yoga, Locker Service, Free complimentary coffee or tea
  • Upon inquiring, you will be assisted in analyzing your body composition on the spot using a machine.
  • Promos and Discounts: Upon inquiring, the agents and membership consultants might offer you discounts. Make sure you ask them if they have an ongoing promo.

Fitness First

Fitness First Platinum

As featured here, Fitness First Platinum is the top-of-the-line gyms of Fitness First. At present, there are four Fitness First Platinum Branches: Trinoma, RCBC Plaza, Alabang and SM Aura.

Membership Types and Rates:

  • Lifestyle (For 12 months contract)
    • 3,800 Pesos per month
    • One-time joining fee of 3,000 Pesos
    • One-time admin fee of 1,500 Pesos
    • (Optional: Body First Kit that includes workout and meal plans): 2,100 Pesos
  • Premier (For 5 months contract)
    • 4,130 Pesos per month
    • One-time joining fee of 4,000 Pesos
    • One-time admin fee of 1,500 Pesos
    • (Optional: Body First Kit that includes workout and meal plans): 2,100 Pesos

So Initial Payment = Monthly Due + Joining Fee + Admin Fee + BODY FIRST (optional)

Payment Options: Credit card or Cash

Other Details:

  • If paid in cash, you must pay in full. If by credit card, membership can be paid monthly (via autodebit).
  • BODY FIRST = 3 Session Starting Program
  • Platinum Membership allows the usage of all Fitness First branches (Premium or Platinum).
  • Features and Facilities: All features and facilities of Premium + swimming pool, towels, and workout clothes. Check here for more info.
  • Upon inquiring, you will be assisted in analyzing your body composition on the spot using a machine.
  • Promos and Discounts: Available upon inquiring with their consultants/agents. Make sure to ask them if they have ongoing promos.

Gold’s Gym


Membership Types and Rates:

  • Six Month Contract
    • 14,500 Pesos (if paid full in cash)
    • If paid through credit card, 2,416 Pesos per month
    • Unlimited Visits
    • Valid for one branch only
  • One Year Contract
    • 18,500 (if paid full in cash)
    • If paid through credit card, 1,541 Pesos per month
    • 144 visits per year to home branch +  up to 12 visits each to other branches (that is roughly 3 gym visits per week)
    • With 3 Personal Training Sessions: Orientation, BMI, and Program

Payment Options: Credit Card (for installment), Cash (for full payment)

Other Details:

  • Features/Facilities: Access to gym facilities, group exercises, complimentary use of locker and toiletries, towels for rent, free use of sauna, personalized training program can be provided
  • Promos/Discounts: None as of this writing. But make sure to inquire.


Slimmers World


Membership Types and Rates:

Since they are on promo most of the time, here are the prices that we got when we asked them.

  • Six Month Contract
    • 6,868 Pesos for six months if paid in cash and in full. This means around 1,145 Pesos per month.
  • One Year Contract
    • 9,234 Pesos for 12 months if paid in cash and in full. That is equivalent to around 770 Pesos per month.

Payment Options:

  • Cash (full payment)
  • For Credit Cards, please ask the membership consultant upon signing up.

Other Details:

  • Promo rates may vary depending on the personnel you’ll be talking to
  • Membership allows access to all Slimmers World branches. There also are options for a single branch for a lower price.
  • Membership Features/Facilities: Access to gym, 3 days with a personal trainer and dietician, skin consultation (diamond peel), locker service, aero-exercises

*    *    *    *


And there you have it. Before enrolling yourself to any of those gyms, you may also want to check out with your company if they have a corporate membership tie-up with any of them. If they have, then lucky you because you’ll be getting huge discounts (around 25% based from some people I know). If they don’t have, you can always ask your company if they can offer you and your colleagues enrollment as a “group”. In that manner, the membership prices will significantly be lower.

Also, please note that while the prices listed here are the latest ones based from our research, it may still vary and change without notice depending on the gym and the membership consultant you will be asking.  I hope that this helps you to get yourself moving and live a healthy lifestyle. You may also want to compare the prices of other gyms in your vicinity so that you know which one fits your budget. Have a great workout guys!


*Image credits to social networks of Fitness First, Gold’s Gym and Slimmers World

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Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • slimmer’s world seems ok… besides 3 branches malapit samin LOL sm north, binondo or caloocan.

    I think Ill just have to ask the payment terms using credit card. Magpapaka brat mode muna ako sa aunt ko haha

  • Klutz – swerte mo meron malapit sayo. Malayo kasi sakin slimmers world. Tell us how it goes with the credit card option.

  • may idadagdag lang ako chris about sa slimmers world. you can actually avail slimmers world in a cheaper price. how? ganito kasi yun I got inquired kasi sa slimmers world last week sa alabang branch then the personnel who I am talking to is he offered me na ganito instead na 3k ang babayaran mo 1k na lang. ang kailangan mo lang daw ay ang company id mo pero dapat magyaya ka ng kasama mo na same company atleast isa raw or marami na katulad din ng company na pinagtatrabahuhan mo para maavail mo yung 1k instead na 3k ang babayaran mo in a month. Yung 1k na binabayaran is the same din lang ng benifits ni 3k

  • Thank you! Your post is so informative. It really helped. Hopefully, I will be able to join Gold’s Gym next month. 🙂

  • Hi!
    Is it true that the rate for fitness first platinum went up to 4,300/month? Someone informed (she is a member) that this is the new rate.

  • Interested ako sa slimmers pero new ako sa pag gym do you think tuturuan tlga ako sa first day or baka i sales talk lang nila ako para ihire ko sila para maging PT. help please!! btw plan ko sa slimmers adriatico thanks!

  • Mark – I think meron silang introductory PT sessions but you may want to ask to be sure. Sa Fitness First kasi meron.

  • Chris – thank you! Inquired yesterday and charged me 10.9k(credit card) for the 6+6 months promo and its for one branch only(adriatico). And lastly yes meron daw silang introsuctory PT for 3 days. Thank you!!

  • sa fitness first and golds gym included na po ba dun sa payment yung may personal trainer ka?

  • Hi Mark! Thanks for the info above. Sana you can post the same details for Anytime Fitness, Eclipse and other 24×7 gyms kasi mas practical na sila ngaun since mas kailangan sila ng mas nakararami. Salamat!

  • Hi Chris,

    If I may ask, I need clarification on this one for Gold’s Gym one year contract: “144 visits per year to home branch + up to 12 visits each to other branches (that is roughly 3 gym visits per week)”

    The 12 visits to other branches is per month, right?

  • HI Ace,

    If I remember correctly, the 12 visits to OTHER branches is for the entire year.


  • Sino po dito ang member or magpapamember sa Slimmers World Makati branch? Maganda po ba ang facility nila? Salamat.

  • I would just like to point out, the girls in slimmers world poster don’t have belly buttons.

    But overall, great article & really helpful 🙂

  • Hi! Just want to know how much magoadowngrade ng membership sa fitness first after 6months. planning to get a home membership after the passport membership.

    I asked their sales staff and he told me that it’s not possible to downgrade? 🙁

  • Additional info for Slimmers World, I’m a lifetime member of Slimmers and as far as I know if you get Gold Lifetime Membership that’s the only time you can visit other branches. Not included in 6 months or 1 year contract. Unless there is a promo. Please always ask for their promo. Mas better if may kakilala to get lower membership rates 🙂

  • Hi Ms Kat,
    Ask ko lang about sa Slimmers World. Do they have a monthly basis payment terms? Or pwede rin ba for example a 3-month contract? May gym instructor/personal trainer ba sila? May SW Alabang pa po ba? Thank you. 🙂

  • Chris i like this article,
    im one of the consultant in fitness first,
    If you are looking guys for a great facilities to your workout and great experience in health club this coming 2016, you can reach me by my no.
    #09398402914 jayson
    We have a lots to offer in terms of classes and facilities with our 14 branches nationwide
    Let me help you with your goal.

  • Nice article. I like it. Right now I am working out at Golds Bay Area under their promo membership na 1425 pesos a month and I’m looking forward to be extended my membership under the 1 year contract program nila. Hopefully wala magbago sa price and all or sana madagdagan ng benefits or number of visits. Anyone willing sumabay sakin? I’m a loner e. Hehe. Here’s my number 09178480247

  • I was looking for a not so expensive fitness school near North edsa. 3k is it a normal rate per month there in the Philippines? I want to stay there just for 3 to 4 months. Any suggestions thanks…..:)

  • just renewed my membership in Slimmers, its 3+3 promo for Php 5700 via CC..access to all center with a free gym bag and some freebie such as Nutrition Orientation – Counselling-Diamond Peel- body treatmentand 2 day PT

  • Want to lose weight? Toning and gain weight? With a great facilities? And new equipment with unlimited workout on your availble time?
    Let me help you guys with your new years resolution this january,
    im one of the consultant in fitness first megamall,
    If you are looking guys for a great facilities to your workout and great experience in health club this coming 2016, you can reach me by my no.
    #09398402914 jayson
    We have a lots to offer in terms of classes and facilities with our 14 branches nationwide
    Let me help you with your goal.

  • Read all the comments here and though the facilitues are great if you “look at the bigger picture”, are you really getting what you are paying?? Dafuq. Maybe for others who can afford, they can slash that amount into their wallet or CC but for some that is just way too much. Kung chubby ka and you just wanna lose that fat go to Luneta or Manila bay early morning and That’s free! You don’t have to spend a dime. #IMHO You’re making those premiere gym membership rich for those subcription that you’re not really using. I’ve heard stories. Hahaha. Magbakal gym k n lang <P50 lang magagastos mo. Peace!

  • @Paolo – yes sir, good point. I agree na jogging in parks should suffice. However, the high-end gyms listed here are more accessible for city workers and those who live far from open fields and parks.

    I will probably write something for low cost gyms. Thanks for your comment and welcome to PGG.

  • Hey Chris, thanks for this useful information. I just want to know if you any idea how much is the personal trainer’s fee in the said gyms and if its worth it? Cheers! 🙂

  • JP – not sure. But for Fitness First, last I’ve heard it’s like more or less 1,000 Pesos per session.

    Hikari – I will check and will post an update. Thanks for asking.

  • HIkari the PT fee is at 7K for 10 sessions.. sometimes the trainers will give you 1 session free especially kung first time mo silang kukunin.

  • Sos! Bakal gym mura nga agawan naman sa equipment. Gagamit ka lang namg dumbells pipila ka pa. Anak teteng 1 hour na nga lang nilaan ko sa workout masasayang pa sa paghihintay.

    Pay more, get more. Pay less, get less.

  • Hi Chris, I am a senior citizen who wanted to get into a fitness
    program. Went yesterday to FF.. They quoted a senior’s discounted package(2400). Went as far as paying the joining fees 3thou+ and actually signed the cc form when i realized that they will do a monthly auto-debit on my card. Scared of auto-debit, I declined this method and offered to pay in full cash. Would you believe that they retracted the senior discount and added P200 to the regular monthly cost which resulted to P1000 more per month? Felt it was outrageous and fishy, decided to cancel the transaction. Asked why cash transactions cost more, reasoning was not clear. Called my cc bank to get advise in case the charge will not get properly cancelled, they mention that they have been getting a lot of complaints on auto-debits and this firm. I am surprised of their business practice to this day. I hope Gold’s Gym is not the same.

  • Hi Charlie, I’m sorry to hear about your experience with them.

    I got lost to the part where you cancelled the credit card transaction and offered to pay in cash instead. So you are saying that there are no discounts if paid full in cash? Were you able to cancel the membership?

    Anyway, I suggest you talk to the club manager they might be able to help you.

  • I had already paid by cc the joining fee and the admin fee when I realized that the monthly fee will be via autodebit on my cc. I told them that I do not want to use auto-debit and will just pay cash. The club manager says that If I pay cash they will remove the senior discount, add P200 to the monthly and I will need to pay in full for the 5month package I had chosen. I decided to cancel the whole transaction because it’s odd that it would be more expensive to pay cash. I also found it odd that the best payment option is autodebit.
    They acknowledged the cancellation and issued a reversal of cc charges. There was no reason not to because this scenario happened within 2days. I did not use their facilities at all.

    Thanks Chris. I wrote on your blog to inform the public of my sad experience with FF. I didn’t realize that this kind of business practice still exist in big outfits, quite stressful and disappointed.

  • Hi chris,
    Im a newly member of ff, I registered yesterday lang promo daw kasi that day 1500 lang yung initial payment including ung bags and other gym product, ok nman yung facilities nila but i did’nt try yet pa. Ask ko lang if you have any idea if pwede ko pba icancel yung lockin contract ko for 12mos to 6mos via cc din and autodebit nga daw sya monthly 3080 per mos. i try to call the branch sbi pgchinange ko i will add addtl 500 per mos daw and no free 1 month.para kasing ang bigat 3080 in 12mos ang laki din at medyo pricey tlga sila.

  • Hi Rochel, I am not sure about that but as you said, you signed a contract for 12 mos. I think it is too early for you to cancel when you haven’t even tried to work out yet. I suggest you try it first then saka mo na lang isipin if you want to cancel. Malay mo magustuhan mo diba? Getting fit is actually a lifestyle.

    Anyway, does their contract say anything about cancellation? If yes, then that will definitely take effect when you decide to cancel. Hope this helps.

  • Fitness first megamall offer Free trial workout, just contact me and i will book you an appointment, one day booking, #0939-840-2914 your consultant
    Want to lose weight? Toning and gain weight? With a great facilities? And new equipment with unlimited workout on your availble time?,
    im one of the consultant in fitness first megamall,
    If you are looking guys for a great facilities to your workout and great experience in health club this 2016, you can reach me by my no.
    #09398402914 jayson
    We have a lots to offer in terms of classes and facilities with our 14 branches nationwide
    Let me help you with your goal.

  • I got this post while i was searching for gold gym. It is good post having so useful information and all what people want to know before joining any gym.

  • Fitness rate
    Me to imee.m.evangelistaSent
    Rate of fitness first if 5 months

    Passport (access all premiums clubs international) 3,390
    joining fee of 3, 000
    Admin fee of 1500
    total upon membership. 7,890

    Rate of fitness if 12 months

    Passport ( access in all premium clubs) 3, 080

    Joining fee. 2,000
    Admin fee 1, 500
    Total upon membership. 6,580

    On 18 months passport. 2, 980

    Note: promotion until tomorrow march 13, 2016 on 12 months amd 18 months ONLY

    Pay only 1500 and you will get MARCH for FREE

    Inclusion: I.D of fitness first
    2 pt session with trainer
    cosulation with dietician

    Also: you can freeze your membership
    no charge on monthly dues just pay only 600 for freezing fee.
    You can bring your guest every Friday to have free workout

    Your consultant
    # 0939-840-2914
    Fitness first megamall

  • I was just wondering. Do slimmer’s world have group activities? Fitness and Gold’s have that eh. However, slimmer’s is the gym that’s near my house. Sana meron. I get really intimidated to go to a gym when I’m alone.

  • Hi Chris

    Just dropping by to say THANK YOU for this very informative article. More power! God Bless.

  • Hi Chris! in gold’s gym, wala ka personal trainor kasi dina afford pwede ka pa din ba nila assist kung pano yung proper weight lifting?

  • Lon – At Fitness First, they can assist you how to use the machines and proper form when lifting. (Though syempre on the side, they will ask you if you want to avail their training services). I guess it’s the same for Gold’s and other gyms.

  • Bakit ganun sa Gold gym, 3800 ang unli 1 month nila, then ung free PT session nila eh kukunin lang info mo at measurements? In-introduce lang cardio na threadmill, stair at bike…. parang museum ang labas. kala ko PT is bibigyan ka ng workout routine.

    Konti ng gamit nila. parang pila balde ang paggamit ng equipments.

    Can you suggest the best gym? off na sakin ang Goldgym… (btw, I feel the trainers are just there para pilitin ka kunin sila)

  • @Dave yep ganyan din sa Fitness First. Yung free sessions nila is more on intro to equipment. You need to avail the PT’s services para bigyan ka ng plan.

  • I went ahead and just availed fitness first, for 3080 a month, with the perks of all those machines and classes, na sold ako. Unli coffee and tea plus d sya mukang bakal gym, I’m happy.

    Ok din ung sales rep nila, na feel ko naalagaan ako kahit I know na-sales talk ako. hehehe.

    Just heads up, may other fees sya aside from the monthly dues. Pero 1 time payment lang sya. I didn’t ask for it to be removed, pero lupit ng sales rep, na wave nya ng kusa so parang monthly due lang binayaran ko. may freebies pa.

    About the PT, half ang price nya compared sa Gold’s gym, pero half din time. 30 minutes lang, but for me, that’s enough kasi need ko lang ng directions, no need to guide me everytime sa workout ko.

  • Hi! i am an employee of slimmersworld. if you have questions about membership rates and promos. You can text me at 09162151607.

  • I have lifetime membership at Slimmers World. Slimmers World is a money trap. Bawat kembot, puro salestalk. Hard selling pa, from consultants to therapists. I just signed up with Anytime Fitness, to escape the SW environment.

  • Jerard – More or less the prices are still the same. As for promos, Anytime Fitness and Slimmers World have regular ones on going throughout the year.

  • May 2016 na? Paano pag 3 kami sabay sabay mag enroll? More likely sa fitness first?

  • Hello Chris,

    Do you have an Updated Rates for the featured gyms you have mentioned.. I was looking for your article for 2016,, kaso wala ako mahanap.. So does this mean same lang ba or may konting adjust sa rates mentioned above.

    Helpful kasi yung article mo,, kasi all is laid-out and you just have to pick which fits for you..

    Lastly,, have you heard of Anytime Fitness. Do you have insights of their rates aswell?


  • Hi kuya pwedi po magtanong kung magkano po kaya sa slimmers world pasay road. And magkano po kaya if kukuha ka ng PT mo para pumayat ka talaga.. thankyou

  • Jhaja – not sure about PT, iba iba kasi rates nila. Pero on average it falls 700-1K per one hour session.

    As for Slimmers World Pasay – check the article for the rate. 🙂

  • Hi guys, I just made an inquiry at FF yesterday. The following info might help you:
    2. ONLY CREDIT CARD payment
    3. Initial payment using CC is around Php6,490 including joining fee + admin fee + 1st month. (Monthly is Php2,990.00)
    4. But, if you are a BDO credit card holder, initial payment will only be around 2,500 all-in. Monthly is Php2,990.00.
    5. FF has free trial.
    6. You can bring a friend every Friday for free trial.
    7. PT will assist you 3x per session for free.
    8. the longer membership you are joining the cheaper you will be paying.
    9. They have Platinum, Premium, and Home Membership.
    10. The membership includes unlimited use of all equipment, with regular group dance activity schedule, sauna, showers and lockers, unlimited drinks.

    See you around!

  • Scouting a gym??? No problem!!!
    I can give you a complimentary (freeworkout), you have to experience facilities first before you pay!!! Feel first if you really enjoying and seeing yourself workingout then i can help you achieve your goal!!!! Experience is more valuable than price 😉
    And We value customer experience 🙂
    Let book your free workout here at fitness first!!! you may contact me through 0939-840-2914 Jayson your consultant
    I will be happy to assist

  • Hi Chris,

    This article has been helpful for everyone scouting for a gym. I myself had been a member of fitness first before but decided to cancel my membership since I have not been able to use it that much and decided to look for a cheaper alternative. Initially I thought that paying for a monthly membership will make me motivated to go to the gym regularly. I was wrong. It only worked for a couple of months. I even availed the services of a PT to help me get motivated but it didn’t work.

    Do you have any personal tips for people like me who would love to get back into shape but lacks the motivation to do so?

    I am new to PGG and I am looking forward to reading more of your articles. Good day to you Chris.

  • Ron – I can relate to you. To be honest, I sometimes lose motivation too (like recently LOL) especially when overtime and other life’s responsibilities get in the way.

    But here’s what I’ve learned. It takes 20 days of repeatedly doing something to turn it into a habit. So if you can regularly and consistently push yourself to workout religiously for 20 days starting today, your body will eventually adapt and keep wanting more exercise. As days go by, you will find it harder and harder for you to quit exercising (and that is a good thing!)

    Once you get the habit, it will be very hard to shake it off. You will find yourself making sure that working out is part of your daily routine or to-do list.

    Keep in mind that you can take a day off from exercise but as what I’ve learned from PTs, you should never go more than two days without working out so that you won’t lose the habit.

    Hope this helps.

  • Need guidance. I’m in my 50s. I have never been to a gym. Where do I start? Do I need a personal trainer? Which is the best gym. I’m close driving distance to a fitness first and anytime fitness.
    Who will give me the best service? Rates? And give me a good feel of excercising so I get into the habit?

  • Hi sir JB,
    Im jayson, im one of the consultant here at fitness first megamall, what I can advise you sir is that, you have to see what gym can give you in terms of your needs, since you are in 50s then you have to be someone who can oversee you and guide you, what I can offer you for now is you have to try and see first our facilities here in fitness first megamall, I am confident that I can give best quality service also, more than that I can discuss to you our different options of membership that I know good to you,
    you can contact me here 0939-840-2914 for further questions.
    Looking forward to see you here in our health club 🙂

  • I enrolled myself at Slimmer’s World Megamall for an exclusive access or one branch ONLY (Megamall) which is near in my place. I paid around 9k for a one year membership paid via CC for 6 months. Roughly it’s 750/month only. Is this the best rate that you can get nowadays?

  • Hi i would like to give commendation to the PT s working in SM megamall fitness first. They are accomodating that my home gym in sm aura. I am a passport platimum member who can access all the gym of fitness first in the philippines. I noticed that instead of getting worldwide customer service to platinum clubs, I only experienced this in Premium clubs in SM megamall fitness first.
    In Sm Aura all the person there are not accomodating while in MEga mall the PTrainor especially the guy named Albert was professional, have initiative to help that in other clubs, they dont care .
    I hope that the owner of fitness first is reading this item, so that he/ she ll know the person s he ll get to work for his club.

    Thank You

  • Hi Chris, Appreciate if you can send me the quotation for lifetime membership which is accepted to all branches nationwide.

  • I just get a membership in Fitness First in trinoma. The normal one time payment is almost 12k, but i said that 12k is too much. Then suddenly they said that they are gonna removed the joining fee which is 4k so it become 8k. And one more thing is that i also have more discount because the credit card i used is Amore which is if you use it in any ayala mall you can have a discount so my membership go down to 3500 only. Since i get the platinum i will only pay 4300 per month.

  • Hi guys my nkita ako promo ng slimmers 600/ month lock in 1 year kaya lang hangang Nov 15 LNG daw but I’m not sure Kung hanggang 15 lang tlga. Grabe nanghinayang ako. Nawala sa isip ko kainis!!!! Hehehe

  • I have GC from slimmers world i want to sell it in 1k only the GC is worth 1,500 if your intrested txt me or call me at 09366810308

  • I’m interested to the slimmers world one for the one year contract. If I get that is it unlimited visits to the gym???

  • Slimmers World – I just signed up with them (Pasay Road). I paid less than 6K for 6 months, credit card installment. I am enjoying here. Accommodating staff and trainers, even for your free sessions. I used first my free pass before I started officially. Free gym bag, 2 consultations with a nutritionist (the nutritionist was even the one who initiated in texting me to schedule my session), consultation first with their doctor before starting working out (for fit to workout). The facilities were good and up to date though they don’t have sauna, as long as they have hot water, I’m ok with it. They’re organized – I don’t have to line up to use the equipment as you need to register first to some cardio equipment, therefore the equipment is reserved for you, you don’t need to worry that someone is waiting for you to be finished. I am enjoying their aero and dance classes too (zumba, kickboxing, latin dance, hip hop dance, etc), they also have free yoga sessions (these are actually my reasons why I signed up) as I love group dancing. The place is also not too crowded.

    Gold’s – I used to go to Golds but I don’t find the trainers accommodating for the free sessions and I didn’t learn much as a gym newbie. The equipment and facilities – long line before I can use the facilities (find myself stagnant most of the time due to waiting), and I don’t find them sanitary anymore especially if I work out at night. That’s why I was not enticed in going regularly to the gym. I think I’ve wasted my membership fee.

  • Hi Chris,

    Any update? Hehe I’m interested to go in Slimmer’s world at Megamall…

    Any advise?

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