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Suitsupply Men’s Suits for Fall/Winter 2016 at the New York Men’s Fashion Week

Every once in a while, I feature here on Pinoy Guy Guide some international brands which are not readily available here in the Philippines. The reason I do this is to create awareness to readers on what else is out there in other countries and hopefully, gain some traction and enough interest in making these brands available locally. One of the brands that I’m talking about is Suitsupply.

Suitsupply is a menswear label that sells ready-to-wear men’s suits. I haven’t been to any of their stores yet, but I’ve heard that you can buy off-the-rack suits from their shops and have them altered by their in house tailor if needed. The brand traces its origins from Netherlands where it was founded in year 2000 and to date, they have presence in Belarus, China, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States.

At the recently concluded New York Fashion Week: Men’s Fall/Winter 2016, Suitsupply unveiled their latest collection of men’s RTW suits especially made for the cold season. Ever wondered how suits designed for winter actually look like? Well, you’ve come to the right place. As you’ll see below, Suitsupply featured their newest suits made of pure wool and cashmere. Check the gallery below for PGG’s top picks from Suitsupply’s NYFW presentation.


Suitsupply NYFW Men's Fall Winter 2016 Suits (9)


Suitsupply NYFW Men's Fall Winter 2016 Suits (8)


Suitsupply NYFW Men's Fall Winter 2016 Suits (7)


Suitsupply NYFW Men's Fall Winter 2016 Suits (6)


Suitsupply NYFW Men's Fall Winter 2016 Suits (5)


Suitsupply NYFW Men's Fall Winter 2016 Suits (4)


Suitsupply NYFW Men's Fall Winter 2016 Suits (3)


Suitsupply NYFW Men's Fall Winter 2016 Suits (2)

Suitsupply NYFW Men's Fall Winter 2016 Suits (1)


Suitsupply NYFW Men's Fall Winter 2016 Suits (10)


Such a dreamy set, isn’t it? You’ll notice that soft gray, camel, off-white and deep ocean blue are the primary hues in their current menswear collection. Although I’m a bit sad that they do not have a store yet in the Philippines, it looks like you might be able to order from them through their online store and have it delivered here. I’ve yet to find out and confirm if that’s the case.


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Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • Don’t just sit there! BUY one na!!!!
    I can vouch to suit supply’s pieces, I have one and for me it’s the best bang for buck OTR suit that fits perfectly! Much better fit than so called european labels cough Bo$$ Heck it fits even better than some MTM suit!
    If you dont mind the suggestion… Get the Washington line – it’s slim but has the classic-real-man-wide-ass peak lapel instead of the usual fare that you can get from so called modern cuts with narrower lapels. Just think of it as poor man’s Tom Ford suit hehe but suit supply suits still look like you’re wearing a bespoke 🙂 Lastly, their suit has the highly coveted high arm hole construction kaya expect mala-james bond fit 🙂

  • Eric – agree! 🙂

    Hiei – You got me curious about the James Bond fit. 🙂 Anyway, I like to fit clothes before buying them, especially suits. I’m also a bit worried that the shipping costs will be too high. So here’s to hoping that they will come here soon in the Philippines. haha.

  • Chris, I also blind purchased my suit, few years back they only have a store or two and none of them were in California. I think you’ll be good since you already had a suit made for you. Just measure and compare it to suit supply. That’s what I did and turned out it even fits better than my Made To Measure suit 🙂
    hehe Just coined the term na James Bond fit when I started getting into suits that I wanted my suit fit like 007. I found out then that most of the suits in the OTR market have really looowwww armhole which immediately disqualify all of them to the James Bond fit 😉 Normally, higher armhole translates to properly fitted suit with small to none variance of baggyness. Reason why most OTR and even MTM suits have low armhole is the ability to cater to most body types.

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