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Penshoppe Camo-Inspired Casual Men’s Long Sleeves

by Chris
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Despite me being a blogger, I don’t always buy the latest and greatest stuffs. Sometimes, I wait for discounts before I buy something I really like. Just like this awesome camouflage-inspired shirt which I got from Penshoppe.


Penshoppe Camo-Inspired Casual Men's Long Sleeves (1)


Scored this awesome shirt for 900+ Pesos on sale. Pretty much a good deal. As far as I recall, its regular price when it first came out was close to 1,400 Pesos.

Penshoppe Camo-Inspired Casual Men's Long Sleeves (5)

Penshoppe Camo-Inspired Casual Men's Long Sleeves (4)


I first wore it at the start of the year…


And wore it again to a Nivea for Men event I attended at Black Market club last night in Makati City.


Yes guys, even if I blog about clothes (I know you’re probably expecting I have a lot compared to the average guy), I do repeat what I wear and don’t see anything wrong with that. I just mix and match. I also make sure to have at least two weeks of interval and have the shirt washed before wearing it again.


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