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Sabbat X12 Pro: An underrated wireless earbuds you need to consider

by Chris

Sabbat is an underrated brand of earphones. I first discovered it in Lazada and Shopee but hesitated to buy it because I wasn’t sure of the quality.

But when I tested one of their products live in an Urban Gear store at BGC High Street last month, and found how good and beautiful their products are, I bought one right away.

I bought the X12 Pro Dancer edition as you’ll see right here.

Apart from having great sound, I like how the Sabbat X12 Pro is one of the most comfortable pair of earbuds I have tried yet.

That’s because the earphones is not inserted all the way through your ear canal. It’s just inserted half-way through. It feels good plus it has one of the coolest and most stylish designs you’ll ever see in an earbud.

You’ll love their designs

I got this astounding pair here for just a little over 2,000 Pesos and loved it. I use this not just for music, but for calls as well. You gotta love this!

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Rem Pascual March 21, 2021 - 8:12 pm

very timely as I am currently looking for a decent earbuds. I am also wondering if this one is good. Can you also add any info about the bass? how about the connectivity? thank you for this article. I might get one soon too 🙂

Chris March 22, 2021 - 12:19 pm

Hi Rem, glad that this was very timely for you. Connectivity is fast via bluetooth. And the pairing is fast as well.
So how about the bass? Well, it’s not as premium as Sennheiser for sure. If Sennheiser is a 10/10, this will fall around an 8/10. Still, pretty good I must say.


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