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Call It Spring: Who would have thought they have awesome men’s shoes?

by Chris
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Not many of you know this, but very recently, I started a new job after 12 years of being in the same company.

Can you believe it?

I’ve always thought I would retire at my old company. But this 2022, I thought of shaking things up and stepping up to the challenge.

So I applied at a travel technology company for a Director role. I got accepted and while I know it’s a little scary after being in my comfort zone for years, I’d say I’ve never felt more excited and more enthused by this new opportunity. So wish me luck.

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And that’s the reason you haven’t seen me a lot on the blog and in social media these days. I’ve been busy getting up to speed to my new role.

But I digress.

Going back to the point of this blog post, as I now have a senior leadership role, I needed to dress the part. So that means, less jeans, less shirts and more of getting a little bit on the formal side.

I was looking for brown leather shoes for my office wear and voila, I stumbled upon a stylish one at a store I never thought would have it: Call It Spring.

Call It Spring has all types of shoes: From casual to formal, but I never expected I’d find one which I really liked.

Photo dump right after the jump.

It cost me only around 3,000 Pesos. Love the color. And I know the pictures I took appear that I was in a hurry – because I was. Come on, I’m now reporting back to office onsite so I just had to take this quickly as I continue to adjust to my new role. Pardon the hurried shots.

See you next time!

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