I have been a fan of Gatsby ever since. Their product is cool and I like the groovy style it does to my hair. Anyway here is my sort of review on the three variants of Gatsby Hair Wax.

Gatsby Hair Wax container colors may differ from the one that we have in the Philippines (image courtesy of Gatsby Japan)

Gatsby Hard and Free (the blue one)
– This one is the wet look of the Gatsby Hair wax. It’s somehow similar to a hair gel but it is quite sticky. I use it whenever I want my hair to look wet.

Gatsby Light and Neutral (the White one)
-this one is just average. If you want your hair to be natural looking, this white one is best for you. It minimizes the wet appearance making your hair look very natural
Gatsby Mat and Hard (the Black one)
-For me, and for my style of hair this would be the best. If you like to style your hair extremely, that is – spiky, short hair and out of bed look, or anything you wish.. this one’s the best. However unlike the blue one, this is not wet look.

For a price of less than a hundred bucks, Gatsby Wax is excellent for a guy’s hairstyling.

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