I love getting comments here on Pinoy Guy Guide. Readers of this blog provide very useful stuff for men and I have learned a lot from the other guys just by reading their comments. On this post, I’ve compiled a list of pick-up lines often used by women based on reader’s experiences and that of my own. More often than not, some guys aren’t aware that it’s even a pick-up line so I listed them below for your reference:

“Do you have a spare cigarette?”

I learned this pick-up line from a PGG reader who posted a comment here. His story goes something like this:

‘This is the weirdest…public smoking areas. It happened to me several times and i got scared coz some women would just simply ask if i have a spare cigarette. I had the chance to share the story with my sister..and she said: “Kuya, you are soo slow…that’s a pick-up line!”’

It’s funny because I didn’t know that it was a pick-up line indeed. If I was in his place, I would have simply handed over a spare cigarette. But no, I don’t smoke.

“Hey, you look familiar – have we met?”

This one is so common and it’s very obvious. Even guys use this pick-up line but it works all the time especially when you want to strike up a conversation during times you have no idea what to say. And yes, the ladies use them more often than you think.

Image credit: Enggul|CC

“Do you have an extra coin?”

In our office, we have a vendo machine where we could buy some snacks at a lower price. And based from my own experience there was a girl who was a new hire a few weeks ago. It happened to be that I was near the vendo machine when she was buying some Oreo. So it looked like she was running out of coins when all of a sudden she turned to me and asked “Do you have an extra coin?”. So I said yes and gave her some. Before I knew it, we were already chatting around.

“Hey, I like your shirt”

I would never forget my female officemate who told me about this pick-up line. She didn’t use it on me because we’re already friends in the first place, but during one of our lunch-outs she told us that her most-used pick-up line when she meets someone she likes goes something like “Hey, I like your shirt”. According to her, guys are clueless about this, but it is a pick-up line.


Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a pick-up line, but it’s a woman’s body language. Some women are just too shy to think of a clever pick-up line so they use their charm by smiling. So in case a pretty stranger smiles at you, it’s time for you to use your own pick-up line!

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