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Beware of gold-diggers in bars

An officemate of mine forwarded to me this true story regarding some guy’s experience with a gold-digger in a bar somewhere in Makati. The story is written in Taglish. As much as Pinoy Guy Guide is written almost fully in English, I quoted the story “as is” since I figured out that translating it all in English would make the story look like it’s not in the Philippine setting. So just read on. I’m sure you’ll find the story interesting as much as I did.

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Women’s pick-up lines

I love getting comments here on Pinoy Guy Guide. Readers of this blog provide very useful stuff for men and I have learned a lot from the other guys just by reading their comments. On this post, I’ve compiled a list of pick-up lines often used by women based on reader’s experiences and that of my own. More often than not, some guys aren’t aware that it’s even a pick-up line so I listed them below for your reference:

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