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What? An AM Radio in your cellphone?

Image credit: Sony Ericsson

I bet that a lot of guys out there never switch their home or car’s radio to the AM frequency band. Don’t worry, I’m one of them. Let’s face it. It’s boring. I’d rather listen to music than listen to radio news. But don’t get me wrong, I get news info from other sources – TV, newspapers and even the Internet. But just not on my music player or even my cellphone. It’s just not my thing.

However, Sony Ericsson seems to have revolutionized radio for our mobile phones especially for those who love news on the go.

So let’s meet the SE R300 – a cellphone unlike the ordinary. It has both AM/FM radio frequency band. So whether you’re a music lover or a news town crier, you’d surely love having both frequencies! If I’m not mistaken, it’s even the first mobile phone to have a built-in AM Radio and it’s very suitable for a lot of students who are always wishing for class suspensions during the rainy days. 🙂

Here is a list of other features of the R300. It’s really a minimalist yet unique phone!

-2G Network
-Polyphonic Tones
-1000 contacts
-8 MB internal memory – no memory card
-VGA Camera
-Music player
-FM/AM radio recorder

There’s also the SE R306, also a mobile phone with AM/FM radio but the only significant improvement to this is that it has a clearer, 1.3 Megapixel camera instead of a VGA one.

Question is, do you really need an AM radio in your phone?

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Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • wow, ngayon ko lang nalaman na may blog na for men’s ‘vanity’ hehe.

    matagal ko nang gustong makagawa rin ng ganitong blog pero wala akong oras masyado at pati resources hehe.

    anyway, months ago, naiisip-isip ko na sana may AM radio na rin ang mga celfone.

    biased ako kasi hilig ko news.

    sana, sa nokia meron hehe

  • huh? teka eh meron na ganitong feature dati pa ah?

    i think i wouldn’t dare buy that… AM station ba? naku pang matanda iyan makikinig na lang ako ng news sa FM, meron din naman eh…

    but wait! much prefer ko news from the television, at internet 🙂 cellphones only are used for texting and calling someone so why put everything in device when you can separate it and experience its full potential in another?

  • hi, let me know how much is that kind of cellphone model.. It’s
    having AM frequency got my interest,

  • i think, it can come handy on emergency situation, especially on areas where typhoon and power failure is frequent.

    instead of buying large “C” or “D” size batteries for their radio tuners everytime typhoon is coming, having an AM tuner on phone is a great advantage, and portability is also a plus factor.

  • Good day to all, ask ko lang kung available pa sa market today ang cellphone with am pls help me kailangan kc ng father ko hilig nya to listen sa am thanks

  • yes, i also need a phone with am/fm radio but please provide a clearer camera. 15mp will do.

  • Nagkaroon na ako nito dati. Tamang tama nasa construction ako noon at dumaan ang typhoon Ondoy. Mas madali ako nakapagdesisyon na ihinto ang patrabaho. Thanks sa AM Radio ng SE. Sana lang may available pa ng ganito ngayon.

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