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Who’s your Male Fashion Icon?

In this post, PGG writer Jessie, presents three popular male fashion icons of today. Read on to find out who they are and add to the list your own fashion icons too.

Kanye West


Image credit: Jurvetson | License

Arguably one of the biggest names in the music industry today. Kanye West dominates the rap music industry, having four smash albums in four glorious years. But one of the things that makes him special is his incredible fashion sense. The man is addicted to fashion. He’s the one who started the whole preppy hip-hop look and the rest is history. The hip-hop community embraced his sense of style and followed suit. The man loves European fashion to death. Jordan’s and fabioso sunglasses (read: shutter shades) are must-haves as well. One thing we guys can learn from this 10-time Grammy Award winner is to not be afraid of colors. From lime green to pink, purple to electric blue, as long as it makes your entire look more distinct, go for it! Because if it doesn’t kill you, then it can only make you stronger – fashion-wise, at least.

Victor Basa


Image credit: Penshoppe

There are a bunch of actors and models out there who tried their best to impress when it comes to fashion – and failed. But one guy who makes such an impact when it comes to fashion without really exerting any effort is MTV VJ / Model – Victor Basa. He began immersing himself into the fashion industry at an early age. He even entered LaSalle College International as a student in fashion design. I guess it runs in the blood since his uncle, Paolo Basa, is also a well-renowned fashion designer. Basa is the definition of metrosexual in the local scene. If you see him wearing some sick hoodie today, chances are – it’s still not out in the market yet. You may also think that Vic is just too willing to wear anything for endorsement’s sake, but it is exactly the mindset that sets him apart. He will keep you guessing. He rotates his look regularly and always tries to defy all style rules. The most recognizable element of his vast wardrobe, however, is his distressed jeans which is a good place to start when you want to wear something different for the day. Vic’s definitely the edgiest male model in the Philippines. A guru in his own sense.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

Image credit: Wikipedia

In my opinion, no other guy from the boy band era made such a huge leap forward than Mr.Sexyback himself. Justin Timberlake transformed himself from being a clown with N’Sync to one of the most fashionable men in the world. He turned the slick, classy but relaxed look that goes well with his dynamic personality into an art form. He’s a student of fashion. He wears his clothes, instead of letting his clothes wear him. He has the right combination of well-made clothing worn in a relaxed style therefore exuding this unmatched level of sophistication and class for the young professional. One surefire way to look smoking hot the J-Timberlake way on a dress-up party is to find a perfect-fitting suit, preferably bespoke if you can afford it, with strong shoulders, a tapered waist, lean legs, and a coat or a jacket that covers your butt. JT is the main reason why I will forever feel insecure as a man and a human being.

How about you? Who is your fashion icon and why?

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Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • Hey! Hey! Hey!

    That’s mah fave style icon in this whole wide world!
    I would love to have his talent for dancing!

    I am a JT fanatic!

    I reconsidered flirting just because I heard his sexyback song…


  • i used to check with Ben Affleck when it comes to formal wear. he’s so traditional but he adds accent to whatever he wears. mabango tingnan palagi.

  • Akin? Si Chris ng PGG, hahaha.

    Seriously, in the local scene, it would be Rafael Rossel. Saktong-sakto. Fashionable yet not so feminine-looking. I disagree for the point number two of this post however. I never liked the way Victor Basa wears clothes. *peace*

    In the Hollywood scene, I can’t think of any other men but only David Beckham. Stylish. That’s the best adjective for his style. 🙂

  • @ Bunsoi

    Rafael Rossel is also a great choice for fashion icon. I just didn’t want to bore you guys with a list of 10. So I just picked out the 3 that stands out. 🙂

    @ Angelo


  • hhmm… I have a lot in mind pero si victor basa? hindi naman siya gwapo sa personal.


    magaling manamit sina akihiro sato, zanjoe marudo at mga guys sa black eyed peas uber stylish sila

  • @Chris,
    The rest of PGG community is behind your back, haha.

    I see. Well, he’s a Penshoppe model anyways.

    Natawa ako sa comment mo. Male Fashion Icon naman ang pinag-uusapan eh. Hindi kung gwapo o hindi, hehe. *peace*

  • for local i usually view metro him for style updates, no artist in particular…

  • I agree for JT. Idol ko talaga si Justin way back nung nasa Nsync pa haha! Laki talaga ng transformation sa style and fashion nya..

    adding also DAvid Beckham, one of the most fashionable men in hollywood. Hairstyle pa lang kahit anung haircut bagay sa kanya. astig!

  • Marc Nelson so far is still the timeless sporty guy… though I still go for Victor Basa, hehe 😛
    The intrigues and controversies, which he does not mind at all, make him famous… and yep, effortlessly chic. 😉

  • I also look up to Marc Nelson when it comes to fashion. Excellent taste. Hope we can all have a Marc Nelson physique someday. (asa.) lol.

  • @Bunsoi i disagree giving Rafael Rossel higher ratings over Victor Basa. Rafael Rossel has the body cause he do knows Capoeira but i don’t like his hair styles and he seems untidy to me… and he’s been in the industry longer than Victor Basa but has not been given big breaks. So no chance in making him a fashion icon :p

    I’d go for Zanjoe 🙂 and Chris of PGG. LOL

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