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Nokia Booklet 3G: A netbook to drool for

As a blogger, I have always wished that there was a laptop or maybe a notebook computer which is small enough that I can carry along and which has a long battery life and to my surprise, Nokia just announced the arrival of their new netbook computer, the Nokia Booklet 3G.


Image credit: Nokia

It astonished me to see the cellphone maker now creating mini laptops. One would initially doubt Nokia in making laptops because their forte is in making cellphones. However, the features of the Nokia Booklet 3G just seem to be too good and really convincing as it really suits my need for mobility. Here are just some of the specs:

-12-hour battery life (means that you can leave the charger at home)
-Powered by Windows 7 Operating System
-A cool and stylish aluminum design
-Unlimited connectivity by WiFi
-3G/HSPA with hot swappable sim card (not yet sure how this will work)
-1.3 MP front camera with microphone
-Global Positioning System (A-GPS)

Just take a look at the video here which is guaranteed to give you goosebumps on all its impressive features.

They say that this will be priced at 575 Euros (roughly 40,000 Pesos). At such an expensive price, I will have to stop drooling and will think more than twice before buying. How about you?

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