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Thinking about getting a bachelor pad

I live quite far from where I work so lately I’ve been considering to get my own apartment nearer to my workplace so that I could have plenty more time to rest, not to mention lessen my daily exhaustion from travel and also to be able to economize on expenses.

So there, just a couple of weeks ago, it was like heaven-sent that I found a brand new apartment somewhere in Quezon City. It is a four-storey building that has several bachelor pad units for rent which are so new that you could still smell the fresh paint. The units really look nice and cozy and I prefer this to a condo because I don’t want to live in a building which looks and feels so much like an office, if you know what I’m saying.

Now it has been two weeks since my reservation and I’m still unsure whether to get it or not. I have been seriously thinking about it over and over, calculating my expenses here and there and seeing if it would really be beneficial for me. You see, I do not plan to live there 24/7. I will still go home to our house over the weekends.

The thing that is causing me dilemma are the expenses. Talking about the consequence of being independent right? After doing much analysis on the budget I found out that living in a bachelor pad will even cost me more even if it is nearer to my workplace. And the culprit for having more expenses? FOOD! I just couldn’t believe it! Adding the fact that I do not know how to cook at all makes it worse. I guess this is every guy’s problem when living independently.

But even if it is more expensive, I’m also thinking about the advantages it could do for me like more time to rest, more time for gym, more time to blog and attend events, more time to hangout with peers and best of all, more time and more girls to date. haha. Can you help me decide?

Disclaimer: The photo shown in this post is not the actual bachelor pad, it is how I envision it to look like in case I decide to take it. Image credit to Numstead over at Flickr with Creative Commons.

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  • I too have been thinking of moving to an apartment that is nearer to my workplace. The clear advantages of doing this for me are (1) more time for me to do things (2) more independence (3) privacy.

    As you have mentioned, since travel time would be far less ( i too live far from work), it would be more sleep, or less traffic stress. however, it could be more time consuming since as you mentioned, you don’t know how to cook. if you will prepare your own breakfast, it would take time. and it would take time to think of other things before leaving that you usually ignore at home since you kinda just ignore them as someone else will surely take care of them. if you’d buy breakfast, healthy ones are either expensive, or not so accessible.

    independence can either be good or bad. the good side of it for me is that it forces you to be responsible for yourself because no one is there to take care of your needs. the bad side list can go for miles. if you have not grown to take care of yourself, this will be very hard. just think of buying grocery(this time not only stuff for you but for the house as well), taking care of laundry needs (laundromats are expensive). Add to that are the bills to pay. Unless included in the apartment bill and if you do not have internet banking,taking care of paying bills may also be a chore (especially if it got stuck somewhere as the delivery man just put it in front of your door).

    Privacy may after all pay the extra price. If you live with your siblings and for one reason or another, you don’t get along too well with them, living alone may really be a breath of fresh air. you can do anything you want without minding of other people (especially parents, hehe). Your hopes of inviting friends at home for a house party may finally be a reality (but what after? the chores of cleaning the house before and after? is there an apartment keeper?).

    I am also torn. I do not know whether to move out from home or not.
    Certainly, it would be more expensive. The only thing to ask ourselves is would it be worth it. =)

    Good luck Chris!

  • It would be much easier to decide if the place you will rent will be shouldered by your company but mostly it isn’t right? The best thing is to look for another place cheaper that will equate your travelling expenses from your house to work. Second is, to look for a person (a colleague or known friend) who can share the rent with you to divide your monthly rent. Third, if its ok with you to rent a bedspace near your work place this is the cheapest option. If you don’t like the options, just stick to daily travel from/to work with the traffic, waste of time and exhaustion it will give you.

  • Dude,
    U need to learn get that place… just cut back on your other expenses and while your new at it try learning how to cook and don’t eat out much kasi it is unhealthy talaga… all your effort sa gym will go to waste lng without learning how to cook your own healthy food. I can manage if ako sa place mo kasi I know how to cook (plus that 5 units in my nutrition subject in college was really an edge for me) and I know how to manage our house. patulong ka sa mom mo for the first week of tranfer mo para hindi masyado ang impact sayo.

  • darkstar13 – Well I hope it would be worth it just in case. Keep me posted on what you have decided upon since we both have the same problem. Good Luck too.

    pinoybrusko – yeah, I think the reason why I’m having this problem also is that I’m bothered with it being more expensive than my traveling expenses. Initially,I thought that getting a pad will be more practical and more economical but it proved otherwise.

    Dhon – Sadly, there is a 12-month contract. If they could give me a 6-month contract, it would be fine.

    prekprek – pansit canton everday? hehehe

    Pipo – I’m in my early 20’s.

    Cataclysmic – thanks for the tip! good for you, you know how to cook. kasi ako hindi talaga. I’m in the field of IT so wala talaga kaming subject na katulad ng nutrition and add to that is I don’t like the nitty-gritty details of cooking. I like doing some basic house plumbing, carpentry or even electrical work but not cooking. But I think I have to learn it sooner or later anyway.

  • I feel ya on this one: “I don’t want to live in a building which looks and feels so much like an office”. I have a bit of that too, especially when I just got into the corporate world. Dude, I started hating stuff that remind me of work: tie… won’t wear it out of office… nice work shirt… only for office… neat formal shoes… skip those, I’m off to sneakers, nike’s and adidas.
    Mark Martinez,
    Testing out hyper gain like the energizer bunny

  • ….it is easy to decide if konti lang naman ang difference ng cost ang pinaguusapan converting travelling expenses to monthly rent ng pad….pero pag malaki ang difference dun ka mapapaisip talaga lalo na pag weekends e uuwi ka pa rin sa inyo to bring your laundry and other stuffs….there are dormitories that cater to working personnel already and you could have one room for you unlike for students it is usually a bedspace…

  • this is easy.

    you are paying more for convenience (which can be considered a luxury)

    convenience here means that you have your independence – everything you may have wished for before, can become a reality now.

    if you do not mind the re-allocation of resources, if i were you, id get that pad. 🙂
    good luck on your decision.

  • Hi,

    I guess you can look for people to share the rent. But it could also be a problem especially when it comes to trust issues. May be try looking for other places that would cost you less?

  • Where is it located in QC? I also want to rent an apartment in QC. Para malapit rin sa workplace ko.

  • I just moved in to my bachelor pad last weekend, which I share with 3 of my good friends. Good thing a couple of them know how to cook (hehehe) and we’ve got some convenient spots within reach (food places, grocery store, gym, malls which can be accessed via a looong stroll). Also it really helps that we have established some ground rules prior to us moving together.

    So far, it’s been great. I’m slowly regaining some hours of precious sleep and I’ve noticed a major improvement as far as my day-to-day expenses are concerned (although the moolah is crucial for my moving-in expenses). And of course, I’m with an awesome bunch of people.

  • Well, I’m a girl well I just stumbled upon this website. I tell you that it is about time that you decide to move out because eventually you will. It is just the Filipino norm that you don’t move out unless you are to get married. I’m happy that I’m living independently on my own rented solo apartment for a year now, starting from investing little furnitures and appliances. And it’s rewarding and it give you space on what you really want to do in life.

  • I been living solo for almost 5 years now. Started living alone a year after I graduated from college. Luckily was trained by my parents to do all the household chores (cook, laundry, cleaning, to installing curtain holders). I’m happy being independent, but I do agree with the expenses side. It really takes a portion of your monthly income.

    I also tried having someone to share the apartment, but it doesn’t turn out well. I am used that the things in the house is arranged, toilet is clean, dishes are washed. But we are completely opposite on those things.

  • It is actually advisable to get a condo or a place near when you’re 3 hours away from work. It is not worthy and will just waste your time sitting in your car. Probably, you can’t just calculate your expenses thinking that you’re paying off the stress of travelling. It would be a lot convenient when you’re not having wake-up calls at 5am and not having headaches caused by traffic. Damn, it is not me when I wake up that early, seriously. I’ve been living in my pad for more than 2 years already, and it gives me lots of advantages and some disadvantages. First is convenience, I’m just 5 minutes away from my office, and typically I only have a gasoline expense of about 300-1000 bucks per week which I use for going somewhere else. And also, I’m few steps away from everything needed; I mean supermarket, malls, clubs, gym, restaurants, movies, sports clubs, car wash and everything else. Girls, there’s a lot more beautiful and sexy girls around the metro, and you always have the advantage because you can always bring them home, and of course for me it’s my girlfriend. Too lazy to clean up your own place? Well, some condos offer housekeeping, for a 36 sqm it would probably cost you around 500-1000 bucks, maybe for every two weeks is fine as long as you’re not disastrously messing up your own place. Well, it’s not bad at all. Disadvantage, well number one is your expense, a studio unit here in our area is around P20000-P30000 monthly, and that’s already furnished. Personal expense, my grocery is around 2000 bucks per week, well if you know how to cook. And if you always eat outside, averaging 120 bucks per meal so that’s around 2500 bucks and doesn’t include your house and personal stuff. During my first few months, I’m spending at least P25000 monthly, not including rent because I own my place, but I managed to have it at 15000 monthly, including utility bills, credit card bills, mobile phone and other bills. And, another downside is you will miss your old place at times, definitely. But all in all, I like here better, this is what costing me to take much of my independence to everything I want to do. But of course, these are just my experiences; you can still manage to cut down the budget. And if you’re planning to buy a condo, think of it as an investment. For sure, you’ll be getting married after 5 years and sell the condo to buy a new house. And if can’t have a wife with your condo and stuff, there must be something wrong with you. Just kiddin’!

  • I heard of a new place in quezon city. Its a 5-storey apartment building with several bachelor’s pad/studio type units. Fully furnished pa! According to a friend of mine they’ll be ready for occupancy by August 2011 tapos walang 1 year contract.

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