I live quite far from where I work so lately I’ve been considering to get my own apartment nearer to my workplace so that I could have plenty more time to rest, not to mention lessen my daily exhaustion from travel and also to be able to economize on expenses.

So there, just a couple of weeks ago, it was like heaven-sent that I found a brand new apartment somewhere in Quezon City. It is a four-storey building that has several bachelor pad units for rent which are so new that you could still smell the fresh paint. The units really look nice and cozy and I prefer this to a condo because I don’t want to live in a building which looks and feels so much like an office, if you know what I’m saying.

Now it has been two weeks since my reservation and I’m still unsure whether to get it or not. I have been seriously thinking about it over and over, calculating my expenses here and there and seeing if it would really be beneficial for me. You see, I do not plan to live there 24/7. I will still go home to our house over the weekends.

The thing that is causing me dilemma are the expenses. Talking about the consequence of being independent right? After doing much analysis on the budget I found out that living in a bachelor pad will even cost me more even if it is nearer to my workplace. And the culprit for having more expenses? FOOD! I just couldn’t believe it! Adding the fact that I do not know how to cook at all makes it worse. I guess this is every guy’s problem when living independently.

But even if it is more expensive, I’m also thinking about the advantages it could do for me like more time to rest, more time for gym, more time to blog and attend events, more time to hangout with peers and best of all, more time and more girls to date. haha. Can you help me decide?

Disclaimer: The photo shown in this post is not the actual bachelor pad, it is how I envision it to look like in case I decide to take it. Image credit to Numstead over at Flickr with Creative Commons.

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