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Choosing the right candidate for the Elections

Did you know that back in college I was supposed to take up Political Science? But I ended up taking Computer Science (I know, it still has the word “Science”) since I felt that my passion is in technology. But during the election season like this, I cannot help but unleash the “Political Science” in me.

Now that the polls is just a week away, do you know who to vote? I’m going a bit off-topic today from the usual men’s fashion posts and will share my own guidelines in choosing the best people to put in our ballots. Remember that most of us guys are interested in power so choosing the next leaders to put in power is very important for our country because even if we are just one person, we are still ONE person and we can do something just by casting our votes. You may not agree with everything that I will say but this will serve as a guide for you in case you are still undecided just as I was that is why I made this up.

In my opinion here are some characteristics of a good president or an ideal leader (this also applies in choosing your vice president, senators and maybe even your local officials). Feel free to add to the list.

1. Has proven track record of accomplishments
When regular people like us apply for a job, employers will look at our curriculum vitae and see if we have relevant working experience or background to find out if we are even worth to be called for a job interview.

Same is true with the people we are voting for. Remember that being a president or leader is also a job. But this time it is us who will act as employers and we need to find out if the person we are voting for is fit to become president or leader of our nation. Does he/she have enough experience? What has he/she done so far? We should be diligent enough to find out the personal background of each candidate.

2. Is honest

I am tired of hearing of vote-buying and all those cheating. We need honest leaders.

3. Is not corrupt
Need I say more? This time, we need to spare our beloved country from the humiliation that we are facing globally regarding corrupt leaders.

4. Can represent our country to the world

For me, I think it is very important that a president or leader can represent our nation to other world leaders. We need a leader who knows how to converse intelligently and can close deals with foreign investors. We need a leader who can carry himself well. We need someone who can uplift the Filipino image to other countries.

5. Cannot be manipulated

No matter how honest a president or leader is, it will all go to waste when he/she  can easily be manipulated and influenced by people close to him. Vote for someone who can stand up for his own decisions.

6. Has a high sense of morality

Imagine if our country allows abortion and polygamy. Our society will definitely be chaotic.

7. Believes in the Divine

Related to #6, if a leader believes in the Divine, morality will follow. A president should learn to acknowledge that his/her  powers are God-given through the power of the ballot. He needs to be aware that he is not invincible and that there is a greater power up there.

8. A strong leader with a well-defined platform of government

Ever heard of the Banana Republic? Not the clothing brand since I’m not talking about fashion now. Banana Republic is a term used to describe a politically unstable country. And I’m sure you do not want Philippines to be coined as a Banana Republic where leaders are weaklings who cannot bring peace to the country.

For me, I want a strong leader who can bring everlasting peace to our nation. I want a leader who can unite our country as one. I want a leader who can make sure that pandemics like COVID-19 are handled properly. I want a leader who has a well-defined platform of government that can sail our country smoothly through his/her 6 years of leadership.

9. A leader who has a strong desire to make the Philippines a better nation

It’s true that many nations have already surpassed the Philippines. Many Asian nations have already prospered and left us behind but I’m not losing hope that the Philippines can catch up.

I want a leader who has a strong desire to improve our nation especially in terms of education, infrastructure, poverty, employment, military, tourism, business, economy, science, technology, health care and even sports.

10. A servant leader who has a genuine passion to serve
The president, vice-president, senators, mayors and all other officials are there to serve – not in words, but in action. Leaders are there to uplift the condition of the people and to do what is best for their fellow countrymen. Choose a leader who has been serving already before he has even begun his political career.

Ever heard of the term “servant leader”?

Unlike the traditional leader who sees his constituents as people who will serve him, a servant leader sees leadership as an opportunity to serve his/her constituents.

Vote for the servant leader who wants to serve, not to be served.

. . . . . . .

But let’s face it – nobody is perfect. The criteria I have listed here is a tall order and many candidates may or may not tick every item in the checklist.

At the very least, do your research to find out who ticks most of them and that’s when you’ll know that you are voting for the right person.

But what if come election week, your candidate of choice doesn’t win? Well, we should all be mature enough to respect who the majority of our fellow countrymen voted for. After all, Vox Populi, Vox Dei (A Latin maxim associated with democracy which means  “The voice of the people is the voice of God”).  We should all support whoever wins for president (as long as what he/she does is constitutional). And yes, even if he/she was not the person we voted for. Because that is what democracy is after all.

*Image credit: amonthestreets

Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.

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  • good article Chris….a good guide to choose a President….we should not vote a candidate in particular if its because our parents told us to do so, if majority of your relatives and friends choose him, if the candidate has many celebrity endorsers, if the candidate has many colorful ads, if the candidate has spoken bad into other candidates, if the candidate leads the survey, etc, etc. We should vote based on our choice and conscience not dictated by other people. Exercise your right to vote for the better Philippines. Among the candidates, most of them deserves to be the President and whoever will win let’s put our full support and avoid throwing bad things anymore since majority of the people wants him to win…..

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