The 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa has been on for almost a month now and in a few days time, the entire world will witness the final game which will determine which country is the new champion of the most popular sport in the world.

But sometimes, I couldn’t help it but ask myself why isn’t the Philippines a football nation?

I just can’t believe how we are all missing a lot in such a wonderful sport which takes the world by storm every 4 years. If you are not familiar with it or haven’t watched any football before, take a look at the short video below. It’s one of the best matches in this year’s games. Exhilarating!

Now just a little background. I have extreme love for football. This is because I grew up in Kenya (yes, that’s in Africa) where football is the main sport and basketball is not that popular. When I returned to the Philippines when I was 10, I was surprised to find out that it is the reverse here. Basketball is the primary sport and football is virtually unknown. In most Philippine schools, there aren’t even football fields and the sport is not even included in the PE Curriculum. Deym!

The World Cup Trophy

I do think that the Philippines really needs to catch up in football and in other athletic games. Even nearby Asian countries are doing well in the sport. Just take a look at South Korea and Japan – they are competing in the World Cup and they even co-hosted the games in 2002.

I believe that we Filipinos will do well in football because unlike basketball, you don’t need to be a 6 footer to be good in it. I hope the time will come when our nation will also learn to be fond of football. And if it isn’t too much to dream, I hope to see the Philippine national football team at the FIFA World Cup someday!

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