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Get that Red Belt!

This trend has been going on for quite a few months now. I’m talking about the casual men’s belt with a touch of red.

What’s good about it is that it accentuates your waist. This is particularly good if you want people (especially the girls) to notice your belt, your jeans as well as your flat stomach. The trick is to tuck-in the front part of your shirt a bit to show off the belt.

Just for the record, the waiters at Max’s restaurant are very lucky! They happen to have a very stylish and trendy uniform. Just take a look at their red belt, their polo and their jeans. Too cool to be a uniform huh?

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*Image credit: Max’s | Regatta

Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • ooh I love the color red. yes sir kindly tell us where to buy this belt and how much… thanks:)

  • If I am not mistaken, they use red cause it is a little more eye catching than the other colors, especially if it is more metallic or shiny. They also put red small icons at shirts for a design.

    Nice belt.. Is it okey kaya to use it for corporate attires?
    to add some designs naman..

  • ic, kaya pla bumili nyan ung kpatid ko dati, about a few months na cguro. uso pla yn? i think i’m also buying one for me.

  • Pao – haha. not really. any colored belt will do but the most popular one is red.

    Zhian – yeah, eye-catching indeed. But for corporate attires? I doubt. Leather belts are still more appropriate especially if the dress code is a bit formal.

    mi-ron – yup, bili ka na rin.

  • @zhian

    true they use red because It catches one’s eyes. I think i read it somewhere that ketchups are not really colored red. There was a test conducted about the color of ketchup. A child was given a variety of ketchups in different color and asks them which would they eat. red, blue, green etc. They chose Red.

  • FYI that kind of belt is a major NO-NO in corporate attires. As for red leather belt for corporate attire? unless you can find a red leather shoes.

    Formal/corporate attire rule:
    the color of your belt should match the color of your shoes.

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