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A Guy’s Guide to Look Sharp at the Prom

by Chris

I suppose all the junior and senior highschool guys are pretty much excited this February. It’s the prom month after all and I understand that everyone is having a dilemma on what to wear and how to look their best at the prom.

In this Pinoy Guy Guide post, I have taken some time to write up some useful information before you go to this rare, formal occasion of a lifetime.

What to wear

The Promenade, Juniors-Seniors Prom, Seniors Prom, Grad Ball or whatever your school calls it is a STRICTLY FORMAL dress code event. That means you shouldn’t be wearing anything less than a coat, a pair of slacks, a long-sleeved dress shirt with matching tie and a polished pair of leather shoes. So before you shell out your parent’s money to buy some formal wear, take time to look at some of the latest and most fashionable suits you can wear.


Black Suit with White Long Sleeves – Classy and Elegant

Nothing beats midnight black coat and slacks with a contrasting white long sleeves paired with a black or gray tie. It’s very classy, elegant and gentlemanly. Suits like these are easily found in SM Department Stores and at Onésimus. The usual cost would be something like 3,000+ Pesos for the coat, 1,000 Pesos for the slacks, 1,000 Pesos for the long-sleeved dress shirt and around 300 Pesos for the tie.


White Coat with Black Lapels – Modern, Stylish and Standout

The white coat with black lapels (pictured above) should be worn with a tie if you’ll be attending the prom. It is a very modern and stylish coat but I am quite sure that you will have a dilemma on what slacks to buy as either black or white will do. But if you ask me, I am leaning more towards pairing it with black slacks. Sahara has plenty of good ones by the way.

Although this will surely make you stand out, it takes LOTS of guts to wear in a formal occasion like the prom. Chances are you’ll be getting all the stares from the crowd as you might be the ONLY guy wearing white when everyone’s wearing dark suits.

But still, if you think you have what it takes, you can buy a white coat from Onésimus and Markus. The last time I checked, Markus has them for only around 1,500 Pesos.


Tuxedo – The all-time favorite

Another all-time favorite is the tux (short for tuxedo). It is a typical coat that is a bit longer – some even extending down to the knees. It gives you a cool, dashing look and trust me, it never fails to amaze the women.


Silver Suit – Elegant, Modern and Stylish

One type of suit that is a hybrid of being elegant and modern is the silver suit that is pictured leftmost above. This is another one that will make you stand out but it does not require the same amount of guts to wear as the white coat because you will still blend with the crowd.

I have seen lots of stores featuring this kind of suit. You can buy them in G2000 and SM Department Stores too. If I was a highschool student again, I’ll probably pick this suit for the prom.


Don’t forget to match the color of your leather shoes with the color of your suit. Avoid wearing a pair which is either too pointed or too square-toed – get the right amount of balance that will not sacrifice comfort. Keep in mind that you will be dancing with your date at the ball so make sure that your shoes are not painful to wear.


FAQ: To buy, to rent or to custom tailor?
The answer depends on your budget. If you want to buy, the average budget should be around 5,000 Pesos for ready-to-wear suits. Rentals usually cost 1,500 Pesos and although you’ll save a lot of money, it’s quite hard to find something that you will surely like. Custom-tailored suits, on the other hand, are usually expensive as well but you will get the fit and style just the way you want it.

I recommend that if you have a 5,000 Peso budget, get yourself a ready-to-wear from department stores at least a few weeks before the prom and then have a tailor adjust the length of your pants, dress shirt and coat if they are too long for you. The reason why I recommend this is because it’s good to wear something that is new and stylish. I bet that your money won’t go to waste as you can still use the suit for other formal occasions in the future such as your girlfriend’s debut.


How to groom yourself and look your best on prom day

For us guys, grooming is easy – it mostly involves the hair. I suggest that you get a good haircut at least a week before the prom. Do NOT have a haircut just a day before the prom as you wouldn’t want to look as if you are too excited and too prepared for the occasion. Plus, having a haircut at least a week before will allow your hair to grow a bit in case your stylist or barber ruined your hair.

On the day of the Prom:

1. Apply hair wax or gel
Style your hair in a way that is different from the ordinary days at your school. This will surely catch everyone’s attention as if you are a “new” person who underwent a makeover.

2. Shave that mustache and beard
Unless you are blessed with having facial hair that looks good and sexy, it’s best to shave it clean.

3. Shine those shoes
People will look at you from head to toe. Make sure that your shoes are well-polished.

4. Brush your teeth
Make sure you have clean white teeth and fresh breath. I advise you to bring some menthol candies with you at the prom so that your fresh breath will last through the night. Don’t even think about chewing gum – it just doesn’t look good while wearing a suit.

5. Don’t forget the handkerchief
This small piece of cloth is the easiest to forget. Make sure to have it inside your pants before you leave as it will save you embarrassment from sudden sneezing or coughing in front of your prom date.

6. Spray your best perfume
Whether it’s your dad’s or big bro’s, make sure to apply some fragrance before you leave the house. Just make sure to not overdo it.

7. Observe the right manners and proper etiquette
No matter how well-dressed you are, it will not make sense if you don’t observe the proper etiquette during the prom. Pay attention to your table manners. Make sure to behave as an adult and remember that this is a formal occasion.

8. Be a gentleman to your prom date
Whether your prom date is someone you actually invited or a classmate who was randomly paired to you by your teacher despite objections at the back of your head, you still need to be a gentleman and treat her like any woman you are dating.

9. Don’t forget the dance steps
On the day of the prom you should know the cotillion and all other dance steps by heart. You don’t need to be a good dancer – you just need focus to get it right.

10. Have fun!
Remember, it’s a rare event of a lifetime so enjoy it and have fun!


I hope the highschool guys out there will find this PGG blog post useful. I remember back in highschool, I was lucky enough to win the Prom King award of my school. Who knows you might be the next Prom King at your school too? So go get’em tiger!


Image credits: Photos used in this post are from the items for sale at Alibaba. These are for illustration purposes only.

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el toro bumingo February 8, 2012 - 9:52 am

They’re very stylish and sexy!

Jhoebe February 8, 2012 - 9:53 am

nice suit!

johnny denim February 8, 2012 - 12:15 pm

Few points:

I wouldn’t recommend a HS student to spend too much for a prom outfit because he won’t be able to reuse it a lot. This is because HS students will most likely NOT have the same shoulder width or waist, and overall physique in just a short period of time. The cost-per-wear ratio would then be dismal. And it’s high school — not looking like a GQ model in expensive bespoke is acceptable.

I agree–the department store is a good way to check out new threads for the prom. But given the relatively short half life of a suit that will be easily outgrown in a few months to a couple of years, and with the limited budget of a student, I would also try to borrow from cousins, brothers, stylish friends, neighbors, etc. With rentals, you’d be saving some money but I agree with Chris–those places can have some pretty fugly suits. One of the best advices of Chris is to prepare in advance and get a tailor.

Also, let’s not forget about celebrating youth. A white suit and black pants can be a standout, and it is tough to pull off, and can easily look like a 60’s period piece. With the right amount of swagger, it is possible. Otherwise, get ready to get a dose of HS cruelty if the servers are wearing the same thing.

And with youth comes vibrancy and a license to have fun with color. An interesting and youthful tie in electric blue with matching shirt is youthfully handsome. a fun tie with a matching pocket square can add interest. A striped sock in an interesting and unexpected color combination is fantastic swaggerf*ck.

Don’t forget about fit. A common eyesore of HS students in prom are quadruple breaks in trousers, suit jackets that are either too bitin or too long, too baggy, too unprepared. I wouldn’t blame them because when I was in HS I was clueless about fit. At my LSGH grad ball, I was wearing some god-awful MC hammer slacks that billowed more than my date’s skirt when the wind hit us.

As a fundamental sartorial rule, regardless of the item’s source or price, an impeccable fit is priceless. You got the rest of your life to be in monochrome–this is the prom, all you gotta do on top of getting a perfect fit is to allow yourself to have fun with it.

johnny denim February 8, 2012 - 12:17 pm

just a correction

“not looking like a GQ model in expensive bespoke is acceptable.”


“not being a GQ model in actual expensive bespoke is acceptable” — because you sure as hell can look like one without breaking the bank.

johnny February 8, 2012 - 12:36 pm

So, if I wear the white suit, with a black pants, I will have to wear white shoes to match the white suit?


Chris February 8, 2012 - 12:51 pm

johnny denim – nice tips for the highschool peeps. welcome to PGG by the way.

johnny – a suit is a single term used to describe a set of garments. In this case, suit refers to both the coat and the trousers.

as for your question, if you wear a white coat (with black lapels) and black pants, it is best to pair it with black shoes. Hope that helps.

enzoafterdark February 8, 2012 - 3:42 pm

i wish i could go back and flash this tips 😀

raymster February 9, 2012 - 9:05 pm

this entry is legen-

wait for it!


Wilson February 11, 2012 - 10:27 am

Thanks for the tips!!!
Helped a lot!!!

Prom tomorrow,……. wish me luck 🙂

Chris February 12, 2012 - 2:53 am

raymster – thank you!

Wilson – good luck dude. make sure to enjoy it!

jayvee cayas March 14, 2012 - 5:27 pm


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REYBEL August 30, 2016 - 11:26 am


REYBEL August 30, 2016 - 11:28 am

VERY GOOD TASTE.. I’ll tryu to apply that tips on our coming prom

John j. Wood Bomber Jackets April 16, 2019 - 7:24 pm

Looking awesome in casual dress,


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