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GIVEAWAY: Free Man of Steel (Superman) Movie Tickets

From the time I was a kid up ’til now I grew up as a major fan of Superman and as such I’m giving away free movie tickets.

I remember I used to watch Superman (starring Christopher Reeve) replays over and over as a kid and even as a teen while snacking on my favorite Nestlé Crunch chocolate bar.

And now that I’m a grown up, I still have this excitement in me now that they are bringing back Superman to the big screen next week with the new movie entitled “Man of Steel”. The new Superman is going to be played by actor Henry Cavill and I’m sure I wouldn’t watch it without chewing on my favorite Nestlé Crunch.

Are you a fan of Superman and Nestlé Crunch too? Yep, I know you are so please read on below to find out how you can win free Man of Steel (Superman) Tickets for TWO



  • To join the contest, comment on this post below by telling us what you like most about Superman, Nestlé Crunch and Pinoy Guy Guide. -and-


And you are done. 9 Lucky Winners will be announced here on Pinoy Guy Guide on June 11. The movie will be shown on Wednesday June 12, 4.30 pm at Trinoma Cinema 5.

Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • The three of them are A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
    This movie with the nestle crunch and the styling by the PGG will make you a true SUPER CHICK MAGNET! Hahahaha..

    I love superman because he is humble and not boasting the great powers of him, just like the nestle crunch.. By its humble taste but bursting with various textures flavors that make it SUPER delicious and the PGG,, OW! A SUPER must see blog! I always see to it that I’m updated to this blog because it is very helpful and funny at the same time! Hehe..
    I love also the dating tips, and stories,, it’s very hilarious! Haha..

    More powers! To the SUPER TRIO!

  • Like Chris, ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated with Superman. Compared to other superheroes, he’s one we can all relate to at one point in our lives or another — an outcast, a geek, a nerd, and with a weakness. But the thing is, the aforementioned things do not hinder him from being an awesome individual, not just by being Superman himself, but also by being a man with a big heart. 🙂

    Equally awesome is Nestlé Crunch Chocolate bar which I have been munching on eversince my toddler years. I’d have my mom buy me a couple of these while watching their old copies of the Superman movies on betamax (eventually VHS) as well as Smallville! It’s sweet but the rice crispies balance it out to give you a blast, enjoying each bite of amazing chocolate experience!

    Last but not the least, the PGG site which I have known since time immemorial! I love it not because I have once been featured, lol, but also because it is my one-stop site to get the latest tip, on being the man of tomorrow, today! 🙂 From fashion to gadget, to woman, PGG sure does hell of a help to all us lost souls out there who needed a guide!

    🙂 I may not win the tickets but I’ll always be an avid fan of the three! Howdee pareng Chris? 🙂

  • My favorite chocolate snack + an awesome movie treat + cool tips from PGG, men that/s so good…

    I like superman. He’s strong, fast, and flies — he’s incredible 🙂 Although he’s an awesome-super-duper-powerful-and-everything, he is still not invincible and has a weakness that can be used against him.

    Well, Nestle Crunch is really my favorite chocolate (No kidding). I love how the crunch of the crisps complements the not-too-sweet chocolate bar.. grrrrr, its just so yummy I can eat a 3pcs pack by myself in one seating. (im drooling now lol xp)

    So, while I was surfing random things on the net, I stumbled on this website and read cool tips.. YEAH!!! .\m/ keept it up pops. thumbs up on your great ideas!

  • It’s funny that I watched Superman(Reeve) on Cartoon Network 2 days ago and stumbling on this contest today. It is just destiny! 🙂

    What do these 3 have in common?
    1. Superman
    2. Nestle Crunch and
    3. Pinoy Guy Guide

    ENCOURAGEMENT in a sense that the “Man of Steel” lets us be “man enough” to conquer challenges in life. We may have situations wherein our kryptonite is killing us but we must not give up and continue fighting the villains around.

    ENCOURAGEMENT that lets people continue to have a taste of sweetness in life despite the different crisis that our nation faces. It is not just about eating a Nestle Crunch but how you savor it especially when it is given as a treat.

    ENCOURAGEMENT that helps a normal guy to be a better man in his generation. Pinoy Guy Guide is like a reference on our everyday life by continuous exchange of ideas, imparting knowledge and acting on it.

    Simple things that we know yet they give meaning to a whole and different level.
    The man, the chocolate and the website.

    PS: “The Cold Light of Day” was the only movie I saw casted by Henry Cavill. He was good. I can’t wait for him on how he will portray his role as Clark Kent.

    Kudos PGG for this contest!!! 😀

  • Ahhh, the good ol’ classical hero named Superman. I always remember my childhood days whenever I stumble upon him in the TV. He is the very first hero I knew and idolized ever since and he taught me to use and share ones power (not the super strength thingy, but the talents…) to do good and help other people in need. His humbleness despite his achievements is the one I like the most.

    I also remember that I used to eat Nestlé Crunch Chocolate Bar brought back by my aunt from abroad. I remember eating boxes of those delicious and crunchy stuff while watching cartoons (Superman included hehe). And as of now, it is still as good as I remember it. It truly brings out the Kid in You! 🙂

    Now lets proceed to the PGG. The Pinoy Guy Guide is the first blog site I’ve read. It was the time of adolescence when I needed to improve my looks, style, and “diskarte”. Sure enough, this blog site offered it all. To be honest, for once I was a Nerdish kid with no taste of style, now, I even pick clothes for my mother (errr maybe I’ve gone to far hehe). Anyway, Pinoy Guy Guide served as my gateway to becoming a better person. Thanks Chris!

    More Power to PGG! 🙂

  • INSPIRATION I guess would bind the three (Superman, Nestle Crunch, and PGG) together. Superman gives each one the inspiration to be responsible. In our role in this world, each one is called to responsibly act upon the needs of this world. Nestle Crunch provides inspiration through the history of how its company and founder, Nestle, has begun. Nestle launched his first product which “saved the life of his neighbor”. This gives inspiration to respond in a timely manner according to the everyday happenings around you. And PGG is in itself an inspiration to make the most out of and the best of yourself. It is a progressive call to personal development.

    i-(N)estle, (S)uperman, (P)GG-iration.


    Superman has always been my favorite superhero, next to Catwoman (well, if she’s considered a superhero…) When I was a kid, I actually thought he really existed because my brothers would always talk about him as if he’s a real person.

    What I like most about Nestle Crunch, aside from the fact that it is (1) chocolate and (2) yummy, is that it brings out the kid in me and my cousins and siblings and never fails to create new and fun memories with them. I really like eating crunch while reminiscing our kulitan moments when we were young. Now that we’re grown ups, it’s nice that we can still do the thing that we enjoy most: eating Nestle Crunch together.

    Since I’ve 3 brothers and a cool father, I make sure to always update myself with the latest in technology because they’re… just always updated (and me always wondering how they know those things??!). Good thing Pinoy Guy Guide is there to guide this girl :]

  • ^Parang hindi naman nag-oonline tong mga ito sa pgg eh.

    Superman, Nestlé Crunch and Pinoy Guy Guide
    What I like about these 3 is I simply like it and became a fan for several years already. I like Superman because he’s a super hero and I believe to be the strongest superhero ever. I like Nestlé Crunch because I love chocolates and I’m a fan of this brand that I also buy their other products, from chocolates, cereals, to ice creams. Last is PGG, I’ve been online and actively participating for the last 3 years and have seen PGGers come and go but I enjoy participating in the forum and share my knowledge to everyone that I never even thought of leaving.

  • The thing about Superman, Nestle Crunch, and Pinoy Guy Guide I like most is that they are constant reminders of the brighter things in life.

    When asked who my favorite superhero is, Superman comes to mind. He is the definition of a superhero we have grown to know — strong, fast, brave, powerful, backed with moral uprightness. But despite all these powers, inside, he is still Clark Kent. This tells us something — that despite being normal humans, we could be capable of doing greater things and reaching greater heights. It is just a matter of tapping that Superman inside us, to face our weaknesses and strive towards what is right and good.

    Nestle Crunch. WHO DOESN’T LIKE NESTLE CRUNCH! I remember buying these in school years ago and sharing them with my classmates. It’s always a great way to spend the break times, munching on them and sharing stories with friends. Even now I should admit I’m a sucker for a good old yummy bar of Nestle Crunch. I guess it’s a reminder that despite all the serious things in life, it always helps to lose yourself in childhood memories with a simple bar of Nestle Crunch.

    I have been silently following Pinoy Guy Guide for a while now. When I first discovered PGG, it was so awesome I had to backread. It’s really a one stop blog for me — style and clothes, grooming, tech. It’s awesome how I can find em all here. I always look out for a new post via Google Reader. After a hard day’s work or when I need tips on something, it’s comforting how I can go to PGG and just read through.

    More power, Chris!

  • Superman is my favorite hero :)) He’s so great, strong, handsome… nasakanya na ang lahat…. hahahaha.. i like him more than any other super heroes.

    Nestle Crunch makes my day sooooo gooooood. It makes me wanna jump, and roll on the ground as soon as the chocolate touches my taste buds. The crispies!!!!!!!!! Ohhh,, the crispies really compliments the sweetness of the chocolate. (LoL, im droooooling now!!) It definitely brings out the kid in me…. soo YUMMMMMMMMY!!!!!!!

    This is a cool website. Its my first time here.. Wow.. nice articles and great ideas, pero kakalurkey forums :p sabagay, puro guys nga naman kasi. hahahaha :)))

    anyway.. SUPERMAN with NESTLE CRUNCH ROCKS!!!!!!!

  • Superman is not my favorite hero though but I’m interested on how the story progresses. Nestle crunch is nice and yummy. PGG is a very useful blog for me especially those “vanity” stuff. But what’s the commmon denominator with these three: they make me smile.

  • You can never beat the classics. No matter how extravagant the competition may get, you always find yourself going back to comfort and warmth of the classics. That is the common denominator among Superman, Nestle Crunch, and PGG. No matter how many superheroes, chocolate bars, or mens’ blogs come up; nothing beats going back to these three. It is in this simplicity that all three pack a punch. (get it? pack a punch. lol XD)

  • What I like about Superman is his belief in Truth, Justice, and the American Way. This was clearly show in his last 2 animation films — Superman vs The Elite and Superman Unbound. Superman believes that these values never go out of style. It’s always the foundation of a humane society.

    What I like about Nestlé Crunch is that it’s the epitome of the word “delicious”. It’s supreme when it comes to the quality of its chocolate at an affordable price. It never fails to make a person smile whenever it’s given.

    Lastly, what I like about Pinoy Guy Guide are the blog articles that provides several tips about fashion and technology. I also love the Forum section of this blog and the active members that shares their knowledge and friendship. Members like Marvin of the Faint Smile and Josh Groban are the reasons why I keep on coming back to this blog’s forum. They never fail to make me smile with their witty suggestions and pieces of advise. Truly, PGG Blog and Forum is one of the best on the WWW.

  • Superman has been my first favorite heroes next to Batman. Both of them exercise justice and truth in every movies that I watch. What I like most about Superman is that every boy aspires to be just like him which makes him a good role model.

    For Nestle Crunch the first thing that always comes to my mind is comfort. I love every thing chocolate. Be it belgians, darks or plain old crunch. Its more affordable than the rest to.

    Pinoy Guy Guide always gives tips on gadgets, fashion and freebies. Pinoy Guy Guide also gives inspiration to other people that’s why I keep on coming back because everything in this blog always gives me a happy feeling.

  • I love Superman ever since my mom let me watch it during my childhood days mind you it was the superman superman not the cartoon version. I love the song “Can you read my mind?” that i took the time to play it on piano. It always bring me comfort and memories of my childhood.

    Nestle Crunch on the other hand is a treat! I love chocolates who doesnt? But I’m not what you call a chocolate expert. I just love everything milk chocolate especially from Nestle brands. I always eat it slowly savoring the taste.

    Pinoy Guy Guide has been on my to read list every morning at work. It always good to know the latest happening on fashion and gadget because I love to read everything nice and educational. The blog teach me everything from gadgets to fashion. I’ve been copying a bit of the fashion in the blog and taking notes from it to know what to buy the next time I decided to change my style.

  • Why do I love Superman?
    I’m such a HUGE fan of DC comics and Superman is one of my favorite. He can fly, he’s super strong, has super strength, can heal very fast, has a super fast speed, very intelligent, has super hearing and vision, super handsome, down to earth and will do anything to save the Earth that’s why he is loved by everyone. Bottomline, he’s the King of all the Superheroes. Siya na talaga ang Superman.

    Why do I love Nestle Crunch?
    I’ve been eating it since I was a little kid up to now. It’s delicious taste never fails to tempt me. I always loved its chocolatey taste that melt into your mouth and its yummy crunchness. That’s why its so hard to turn away from Crunch when I’m on a diet because its so good!

    Why do I love PGG?
    I find this site entertaining to read even though I’m a girl. I love your posts about gadgets because its very helpful for me.

  • Superman + Nestlé Crunch + Pinoy Guy Guide = love. love. love…. hehehe

    It would be great to munch on a few Nestlé Crunch while watching Superman, with free tickets courtesy of Pinoy Guy Guide 😀

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