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MasterCard Virtual Card: Time To Get You Guys To Do Online Shopping

by Chris
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Sometimes, there are things you want to buy but couldn’t. It’s not always because you can’t afford it. It’s just that sometimes the things you want are not available where you are.

It has happened to me countless times. Once, I was looking for a cool shirt but couldn’t find it in the Philippines so I ended up buying it online and had it delivered to my house. Then another time, I was looking for a self-help book which I did not find too at the local bookstore. But thanks to Amazon, I managed to buy a copy online.

Even more recently, I was looking for the highly-rated men’s fragrance called Spicebomb which I featured here on PGG. I did not find that perfume here in Manila so I bought it online at Nordstrom in the US using my MasterCard Credit Card from BPI.

You see, online shopping is getting more popular these days. Even though we Filipinos are still lagging behind other ASEAN countries in terms of how many of us are buying online, a recent study shows that the growth of e-commerce in the Philippines will continue to rise. More and more Pinoys are now buying airline tickets, movie and concert passes, restaurant deals, and also men’s shoes and apparel online.

I guess the success of online shopping all boils down to security. Thankfully, MasterCard has a Virtual Card. The MasterCard Virtual card is a plastic card or a small device that contains your card number and verification code which you can use safely for online shopping. Unlike regular credit cards, MasterCard’s Virtual Card is not accepted for over the counter or real-world cashier transactions. It is built only for the Internet so that your online account is separated from your primary card and bank account. This means that you are well-protected from cyber criminals and no longer have to worry about reaching your credit limit or even losing your card. With the MasterCard Virtual Card, you have complete control on how much you want to spend online because you can increase or decrease your card’s spending limit anytime you wish.

The Philippines has been known as a nation quick to adapt to technology. We were once the text messaging capital of the world, and now we are one of the top users of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media. With the new MasterCard Virtual Card, I hope to see more and more of us Pinoys shopping online and hopefully, we surpass other countries and become one of the top online shoppers in the world.

If you want to try the MasterCard Virtual Card, you can apply online or visit your MasterCard issuing banks here in the Philippines like BDO, BPIEastWest, MetrobankRCBC and Security Bank.

You can also check out MasterCard’s Shop Online page to view its unique features and privileges.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by MasterCard.

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