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Holiday Men’s Fashion: Colorsty Denim Blue and Natural Brown Brogue Shoes

I can’t get enough of Colorsty.

If you recall, I first featured this new and bold brand of men’s shoes in the blog post here back in September and a couple of months later, I still find myself obsessed with their men’s footwear.

I’ve become a huge fan.

Anyway, just in time for Christmas, I received this second pair of shoes from them.

Gorgeous isn’t it? I had a hard time picking this pair from Colorsty’s website because honestly, I love most (if not all) of their shoes. They are just unique in their own right and it’s not easy to find shoes anywhere that look like them. The pairs are extraordinary.

The shoe came in a box like the one pictured above. To be honest though, I liked the box of my first Colorsty shoe more than this one. It just looked so beautiful, I couldn’t throw it away.

But while this shoe came to me with a much simpler box, the way it was packaged had a similar premium feel that I was expecting. The shoe was wrapped in a bag and and it came with a free shoe horn and a warranty card too.

The pair that I got here is the Contrast Brogue Shoes in Denim Blue & Natural Brown color. Colorsty labeled this shoe with the words “Blue” and “Brown” but if you look closer, it is actually a tricolor pair of shoes. Zoom in on the photos below and you’ll see that aside from Denim Blue and Natural Brown color, the middle part is made of gunmetal black color.

The shoes are shiny and glossy and obviously, it feels smooth to the touch. What I like in particular about it is that the tricolor combination makes it easy for you to match this pair with any outfit you have in mind.

It can go well with jeans because it has a touch of Denim Blue color. It can go well with khakis and brown pants because it also has a hint of brown color. And it can even go with black trousers with casual suits because of its gunmetal color in the middle. It’s that versatile.

These modern brogue pair features an elevated design. It is also made with bold and vibrant stitching that turns the shoe’s craftmanship into style.

The striking tricolor mix makes it look sophisticated and extremely eye-catching.

In fact, I was impressed by how the shoe looks during different times of the day and with varying amounts of light. As you’ll see in the photos below, the color tones of the shoe changes depending on how bright it is and how much sunlight it receives. I thought it was pretty cool and awesome.
(Click each image to zoom in and see the color tone difference depending on the amount of light.)

The body of the shoe is made of soft genuine leather but the sole is made of rubber to give your feet superior grip and flexibility. I tried to wear this for this blog post and so far, no complains. It feels great.

The holidays are fast-approaching and I’d say that this dapper and elegant heck of a shoe is one of the things that gets me all excited for Christmas.

You know why?

It’s because I’ll be wearing them for sure even if I’m not going to any parties or reunions. I seriously need to take a photo wearing this.

And I do hope that this pandemic ends with 2020 so that I could take this shoe for a walk at those glamourous office parties and blogger events that I used to go to.

But then again, here’s to wishful thinking for a much better year this 2021.

Check out Colorsty on their website.

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