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Skinny Jeans can twist your balls!?!

Over the news, a controversy about skinny jeans and its harmful effects to men’s health are circulating around.

Telegraph, along with ABSCBN News, reports that skinny jeans on us males cause Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), jock itch and the unthinkable worst – twisted testicles and low sperm count.

Image credits: YesStyle | For illustration purposes only

I was reading the article here and according to Dr. Hilary Jones from the UK, twisted testicles happen when very tight jeans prevent your spermatic cord from moving freely thereby cutting off blood supply to the tissues. It requires surgery. Ouch.

I know that rockstars and most of the stylish dudes out there wear skinny jeans so if you are one of them, take it easy next time. If you can’t help not to wear skinny jeans, make sure to choose one which is a bit more comfortable in the groin.

I remember I mentioned in my blog post here that although skinny jeans look cool, it really feels horrible in the crotch area. Now that is exactly why I prefer slim-fit jeans. They look close but they are looser and more comfortable to wear. And the best part of it is that you’ll save your balls from the trauma and you are guaranteed to have offspring in the future.


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  • Ang sakit tignan nung picture. Parang ipit na ipit yung balls nung guy. How much more kung magkaroon ka ng untimely erection while wearing these jeans? Ouch talaga 🙁

  • That news is just plain hideous!

    Seriously??? If there’s something that will make your balls twist, it would be your briefs and not the skinny jeans.

    Also, according to the news, wearing skinny jeans will allegedly promote growth of fungi. But c’mon! This should only be true if you don’t wash your genitals or change your underwear.

    Stupid research.

  • Masakit po talaga yan! lalo na kapag mag-lalakad .. halos kaming mga kabarkada ko nag c,c,r nalang. para mag pa hinga,

  • ..the skinny jeans look good..=D

    ..does anyone here know where to buy some..?

  • I myself was subject to surgery around 2 years ago because of those skinny jeans plus cold environment, good thing the ER staff was fast enough to save balls. That is why I sold my skinny jeans bought new pairs of s-fit and ex-slacks.

  • i love wearing skinny jeans but hindi naman ung sobrang sikip.pinipilin ko naman ung tama sa size ko..i’ve tried wearing skinny jeans na masikip and it really hurts my balls ahahahah

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