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Today, I was emailed by an Italian-American reader who stumbled upon Pinoy Guy Guide while he and his Filipina girlfriend were searching about Filipino pop-culture and lifestyle. It was very alarming when he told me that the Philippines has no originality when it comes to style and fashion. I’d like to quote an excerpt of his exact message to me below:

“…I studied history in college, so I know a deal about countries who have been under colonial rule. I always just wonder to myself how much more culturally rich and vibrant those countries would be if they didn’t continue to follow in the footsteps of their colonizers, even after gaining independence.

The Philippines, and other countries formally under colonial rule, have so much potential in their artistic and cultural talents. Yet, what ends up getting publicized are the latest fashions from abroad. I know foreign trends are inevitable, but even highly American-influenced countries like Japan, Brazil, and Australia still try to break away from the mold. They themselves have set global trends that Americans now copy. I believe the Philippines can do the same…”

Alarming isn’t it? But what he pointed out is correct. If you have noticed, Western countries are starting to adapt style influences from Asian countries like Japan and Korea. As a matter of fact, I have received several emails from American and even European guys asking me how to style their hair the Asian way. If you even take a look at the bottom part of this blog, one of the most viewed items is my first PGG post which is about Gatsby Hair Wax – a Japanese hairstyling product.

Even male scarves which I featured recently is a style from the Middle East (also a part of Asia). They are now being worn by Kanye West, Justin Timberlake and other popular icons from the West. As you can see, the West is now starting to adapt Asian trends.

The list could go on and on but wouldn’t it be better if there is a worldwide trend which we can proudly say is started by the Philippines?

As what was pointed out by the reader who sent me an email, influences from foreign countries are inevitable but like him, I also hope that a day will come when the world can say that: “Oh that style was started by the Filipinos”.

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