Unless you have the looks and popularity of Brad Pitt, the body of a Greek god and the richness of Bill Gates – you will never find a date if you’re a shy guy especially in the not-so-liberated Philippines.

But first things first, what’s a “torpe” anyway? For the guys out there who didn’t grow up in the Philippines, “torpe” is the term used to describe a guy, who is so in love with a girl but is too shy to admit his feelings for her. So why will it not work? Here are the major reasons why:

1. Women don’t make the first move
You could wish all you want that she’d be the one to make the first move but this is unlikely to happen especially in the Philippines where girls who make the first move are branded as flirty. That’s a fact!

2. Women don’t know what’s in your mind
I used to have a female friend who likes this guy. Now this guy is also my friend and I know that he likes her too. What’s the problem? Well he’s “torpe” and couldn’t even look at the girl straight in the eye. And guess what? Nothing happened between the two of them.

3. Women hate mind games
That’s right. Women also hate mind games the way we do. They hate guessing how you feel for her in the same way that we hate guessing what she feels. You can give all the hints that you like her (e.g. touching her hand, saying sweet compliments) but this will be of no use unless you tell her exactly how you really feel.

To prove this, I’ve read somewhere over the Internet that lots of women are searching Google for the phrase “How to tell if a guy likes you”. Well wouldn’t you feel terrible if the girl you like is the one searching Google for that? Remember: it’s only you who could give her the answer so better tell her how you feel before she loses interest in you.

4. Women want confidence, not shyness
Do you ever wonder why it’s a common notion that women like bad boys? It’s because bad boys have the confidence to admit their feelings towards women without fear of being rejected or so. After all, confidence is all that it really takes. If you get rejected, get over it and move forward.

I remember MYMP’s “Torpe Song #5”. It’s really a great song that describes what a torpe guy is really like. It gives the torpe guys the ego-booster needed. Check out the lyrics here.


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Image credit: Moriza | License