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Von Dutch super thin shirts

What happens when you go to the mall promising you won’t buy anything? Well you end up breaking your promise and you get to buy something you weren’t planning to buy in the first place. This is what happened to me last Saturday when I saw these two nice shirts from clothing company Von Dutch, as I walked by their store in TriNoma.

As you have probably known, I like buying shirts which make you stand-out. This green statement shirt below does not only make you stand-out, it is very comfortable to wear as well. I love the feel of the fabric on my skin as I wore it yesterday. It is very soft and the thinness makes it ideal especially for the summer season which is just about a month away. Notice the color combination of blue-green and black. Very cool, yet striking to the eyes! 😀

The other nice shirt which also became the apple of my eye is this yellow shirt below. It uses the same comfortable fabric as the green one but the design is different. If you still remember, I said in one of my recent posts that glossy prints on shirts will be the next “in” thing and I think it’s probably true since this latest shirt from Von Dutch has a metallic gold print.

Maybe one of these days I’ll take a photo of me wearing one of these. But as for now, I have to go to the mall for Valentine’s day and I won’t promise not to buy anything this time!

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  • happy hearts day!

    the only thing i dont like about some of those shirts is that they are mostly imitated in tiangge stalls. id go for more unique designs.

    but i know the feel of the thin fabric. its cool and comfy. only problem, kapag nabasa, super bakat na body mo. if you dont have the guns, medyo panget tingnan.. hehehe!

  • And as what I’ve said in your “2009 Men’s Fashion Prediction” article, I already own 3 glossy shirts, and still loving it.

    One from Bench, one from Oxygen and the other from Lee.

    Really cool.

    Sayang lang yung last pic mo Chris. Di nag reregister ang “glossy effect” ng shirt sa screen.

    But still, I think it’s cool.

  • angelo – yun nga lang. hehe

    Juanel – if I remember it right, 699 Pesos

    Bunsoi – well you have a collection! anyway, the shirt is really glossy but due to the camera flash, it didn’t shine that much.

    bugITs/kikomeister – wow, nice one 😀

  • wow napunta ka palang trinoma hehehe… first time ko last month ganda pala dun XD

    anyways, i love the first shirt just because of the question marks . yung ikalawa hindi ko matype-an

  • Ask ko lang sana, kasi im into “punk rock” style pagdating sa fashion, so ask ko lang kung maganda din ito sa mga skinny guys.?

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