Sometimes it’s fun to commute. You get to observe your surroundings and appreciate it better and as a bonus, you even get to meet hot women.

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Last week, I went to Mall of Asia by myself to buy a shirt and to hit the gym. On my way home, I rode a jeepney in front of SMX heading towards MRT Taft station where I’d ride a train back home. While inside the jeepney, I handed over my payment. “Bayad po.” I said. I was sitted at the far end of the jeepney, at the back, and none of my co-passengers seemed to care about handing over my payment to the driver. Except one. A girl. A very hot girl who smiled, extended her hand to receive my payment, and passed it on to the driver. I was stunned, struck in awe of what I saw. In my mind I was like, “Wow, who is this gorgeous girl?” I just smiled back to her and said: “Thanks”.

This girl was a sure standout. She’s tall, fair-skinned and has a really beautiful face. She was sitting on the opposite side of the jeepney’s bench but is somewhat nearer to the driver. She dressed sexy but not too revealing. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a 3/4 sleeved shirt while having her earphones stuck in her ear while she’s listening to her iPod. She looked tired but still she’s so attractive.

“Okay, let’s test some man skills and see if I could strike a conversation with this hottie.”, I thought.  I wanted to have some chit-chat and maybe introduce myself but I just couldn’t find the right words. It seems that my torpe mode went on. What even made it harder for me is that I couldn’t think of something witty to say. To make things worse, we have arrived at the MRT station in Taft Avenue even before I could utter a word to her.

Before I knew it, I was already going down from the jeepney and heading towards the stairs of the MRT station. In my mind I said: “WTF! Missed opportunity!”.

As I was climbing up the stairs I was startled when I saw her again beside me going up the stairs too.  So is she going to ride the MRT too or is she just going to use the overpass to cross the other side of the road? I have no idea. There’s just so many people at that time and with a blink of an eye, I lost sight of her.

So I just moved on and told myself “forget it!”. I rode the train, listened to my Zen and just headed for home. End of story? Not yet!

Forty minutes later, I reached the MRT North Avenue Station. As I exited the train, I noticed a familiar-looking face. That’s her! Unbelievable. I followed her as she went to buy some cellphone e-load at a loading kiosk in the station. I said to myself that this would be an easy way to get her phone number. Picture this out: As she was writing down her cellphone number at the loading kiosk, I sneaked behind her and copied her number on my cellphone. You’d think: What a loser way to get a hot girl’s number right? It’s pathetic. I couldn’t stand it either. It makes me look like a creep.

So although I already have her number, I followed her down the stairs because I wanted to prove to myself that I have the balls to introduce myself to this hot woman. And as if I was being lucky that moment, she dropped her wallet while she was walking and she did not even notice it. “Bingo. Now’s the time.”, I said to myself. So I hurried to pick up her wallet, ran behind her until I caught up with her and said:

Me: “Miss, nahulog yung wallet mo.” Then I handed it over to her

Her: “Uy, thank you, thank you. Saan mo nakita?” She said with a cute smile on her face.

Me: “Doon oh. Nahulog sya habang naglalakad ka kanina.”

Her: “Thanks ulit ha.”

Me: “Sure.”

So as we walked together side by side, I started to talk to her more.

Me: “Miss, parang kanina pa kita nakakasabay. Mula Mall of Asia pa”.

Her: *Grins*. “Oo nga eh. Mula dun sa jeep hanggang sa MRT, tapos dito.”

Me: “Oo nga eh. So, nagwowork ka pa or nag-aaral?”

Her: “Nagwowork na.”

Me: “I see. I’m Chris by the way. And you are?”  I extended my arm for a handshake.

Her: “Just call me Nikki” she said while shaking my hand

Me: “So, going back Nikki – san ka pala work? Sa MOA?”

Her: “Nope, actually more of part-time ako ngayon. Pero napunta lang ako sa MOA kasi may event.”

Me: “I see. So paanong part-time? Call-center, BPO or Sales?” (Note: These are the few jobs I know that accept part-time.)

Her: “Naku wag na baka di ka pa maniwala” she said laughing.

Me: “Sabihin mo lang, maniniwala ako. Seryoso.”

Her: “Uhm ano… part-time model.”


Fig 4.19.12 – We guys love to date trophy girls a.k.a models

For a brief 5 seconds there was dead air. I did not speak. I was a bit astonished. So now I know why she’s damn hot. She’s a model! Damn… why did it not even cross my mind? Maybe because I didn’t know that models ride jeepneys and trains too.

So I just continued our conversation so that I could finally ask for her number. Now if you do recall, I already have her number (after sneaking in a creepy way earlier at the loading station) but I just wanted to test if she will trust me enough to give me her real number before she rides the shuttle at the terminal.

Me: “Ayos ah. Model? So… what’s the best way to reach you? Phone or email?”

Her: “Phone na lang.”

As I readied to enter her digits in my phone. She said, “Chris, I can type it on your phone if you like.”

Me: “Sure”

So I gave her my phone and she started typing her digits. As she was doing that, she started laughing.

Me: “Bakit?”

Her: “Di ka naman natatakot na baka itakbo ko phone mo?”

Me: “Hindi naman. Di ka naman mukhang holdupper eh” I said laughing.

And so after she handed back my phone to me, we said goodbye to each other. I told her I’ll give her a call so that she’ll know my number too and she said: “okay, sure. Nice to meet you Chris and thank you for returning my wallet.”

After we split up, I checked if the number she entered on my phone is the same number that I copied from the loading station. Voila, same number! I was thrilled. I went home with a big smile on my face. Awesome day.

Just in case you are curious, we already started texting each other but I haven’t taken the next step. Two important factors make me think twice before taking her out on a date:

First is that, I do think she’s too young. I found out she’s only 18 and although she’s working as a model, she still goes to school.

Second, I am not 100% sure if dating a model is a good idea in the long term. Models meet and get hit on by hundreds of guys all the time and that would make it difficult for me to have peace of mind once we take it to the next level. As I’ve mentioned in the PGG Forums, I am currently searching for “the one” (CHEESY dude, I know) so it’s time for me to get a little serious and minimize playing around.

So there – either I take this seriously or just go with the flow and have some fun. Let’s see how this unfolds.

How about you guys, what do you think? Should I date this bombshell? Would you date a model?


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