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Happy Socks Colorful Socks and Men’s Printed Underwear

by Chris

Last week, I was arranging a pile of paper bags in my pad when I stumbled upon a box of brand new and unused colorful pairs of socks. I’m talking about Happy Socks which you’ve probably seen in my Instagram back then.

I know, I know: this blog post is way overdue and should have been written and published about three months ago when I attended the launch of the Happy Socks brand in the Philippines. Unfortunately, I have misplaced these socks and only remembered blogging about it when I saw its box while I was cleaning my room. But still, better late than never, right?

Just a quick intro, Happy Socks is a Swedish company which focuses on selling vibrant, printed and fashionable men’s socks like these.

Happy Socks Colorful Socks for Men (1)


You may wonder: why the need to have a good looking and pricey pair of socks when it’s hidden under your shoes and covered in your pants? Well, it’s because for the past one or two years, the “in thing” to do is to fold the lower part of your pants outward to make it appear shorter than it’s supposed to be and also for you to reveal the stylish pair of socks you’re wearing.

Happy Socks Colorful Socks for Men (2)


Putting socks aside, I was also surprised to learn that Happy Socks produces men’s underwear too. Don’t believe it? Look!

Happy Socks Boxer Briefs for Men


Not bad, right? I just don’t know how you can show off your underwear unless you’re modeling or in the bedroom with some girl and, uhm, you know what I’m saying. haha. :mrgreen:

So far, I’ve only seen two stores that sell Happy Socks. One is Felipe & Sons Barbershop and the other is Rustan’s. I heard they also have in Signet’s store in Makati but I haven’t seen it yet.

Happy Socks Collection


So what about you? Have you tried wearing these colorful pairs of socks? How was your experience? Comment away in the section below or talk about it with the other bros at the PGG Forums.

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zorab February 1, 2016 - 5:47 pm

I always wear different types of printed happy socks. these are too comfortable. A friend advised me to buy these socks. Before trying these socks I wear simple socks. these socks are too uncomfortable and I felt burnt on legs.but now I don’t feel any hard with happy socks.

Chris February 1, 2016 - 10:23 pm

Zorab – true, they have really good ones! welcome to PGG btw.


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