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Sponsored: Joy Will Take You Further

by Chris
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My friends and family keep asking me how I managed to blog for over eight years now. I think it all boils down to the joy that I find in writing, taking pictures, attending events and interacting with people both offline and in social media.

But did you know that PGG is my 7th blog? I’m not even 100% sure if it is indeed the 7th because I lost count as to how many blogs I put up in different sites which weren’t read by people. But PGG is the lucky one because it reached audiences like you. I guess it is the joy in the topic I write about that pushed PGG further than my other unknown blogs.

So if we turn the tables around, what would you tell me? If I ask you what your passion is and what fuels you in pursuing it, what would you say? I bet you’ll respond by saying something along the lines of “my passion is _____ and I do it because it brings me joy and fulfillment”.

In this catchy advertisement from Johnnie Walker, you’ll see how blood, sweat and tears, combined with joy will take you further. Even if you fall, you’ve got to stand back up and keep trying to push yourself more to succeed. I’m sure you’ll love the video below as much as I did.




Now you’ve seen the video, I’d like to know, what is your passion? Answer by leaving a comment below.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Johnnie Walker. Drink moderately.

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