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Superdry Men’s Fashion for Holiday 2014

Can you feel it? The holiday rush is finally here. With Christmas coming in less than two months, everyone is having their calendars booked for parties left and right. And with all the events getting closer, I bet that there is one thing that keeps crossing your mind: What should I wear in all these parties?

Thankfully bro, it’s my job here on Pinoy Guy Guide to deliver to you what’s in and what’s not this season of smiles and giving. In this blog post, I’m bringing you Superdry’s Autumn/Winter/Holiday Men’s collection for 2014.

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If it is your first time to hear about Superdry, there is one thing that will pop in your head almost immediately once you see their products. “Ah, this is a Japanese brand”, you’ll say, given the Japanese texts written on their shirts.

Superdry OSAKA shirts


Well, sorry you are wrong dude. But you are not alone. The truth is, when I was first introduced to Superdry, I actually thought that the brand originated from Tokyo or Osaka, but as it turns out, it’s not.

Superdry UK menswear Autumn Winter Collection 2014


The fact is, Superdry is a UK brand as you’ll see here. They use Japanese texts (which are most of the time meaningless) as decorative designs on their apparel. I know it’d kinda odd, but hey dude, don’t you think that it looks cool even if you don’t understand the Japanese language?

Okay, let’s start. Since there is no winter here in Manila, I only picked stuff which are Philippine-climate friendly.


Superdry Shirts

This neon print combination of blue and pink is a scene stealer at a party. Three words: attractive, colorful and bright. I think it’s a must-have, don’t you think?Superdry Men's Shirt Holiday Fashion 2014


But if you are the type of guy who doesn’t want all the attention, a simple one like this below will do.

SuperDry Men's Fashion Autumn Winter Holiday 2014


Superdry button-down longsleeves

During the cold breeze of December, you may want to wear smart casual longsleeves to work and to parties similar to the ensemble I wore here.

A couple of longsleeves which I  liked from the Superdry store are these two.

Superdry Men's Buttondown Longsleeves (1)

Superdry Men's Buttondown Longsleeves (2)


Superdry Men’s Pants

You can’t go to a party without pants (obviously, haha!) so if you’re looking for a trendy pair of jeans from Superdry, I suggest you try this copper (rusty-looking) type of jeans. It’s easy to pair with any top plus it looks amazing.

Superdry Copper Men's Jeans


Aside from that, another type of trousers which you should check out are athletic or varsity pants. They have been a bestseller this year and a perfect example of that would be jogger pants which I featured a while back.

Look! Superdry has them too. This one down below looks like jogger pants, but it appears to be more of like sweat pants due to its thickness. It’s a great match for the cold December weather and is also something which you should take with you when you go on a vacation to a mountainous regions or to a snowy country of some sort.

Superdry Jogger Sweat Pants for Men


Superdry Men’s Jackets and Coats

We, guys, love jackets. Period.

Admit it or not, if we had it our way, we would want the climate to drop below 18 degrees most of the time so that we could wear our favorite jacket.

Chicks like it on us because it enhances our masculine look and gives us the ruggedly handsome bad boy biker appeal. This leather jacket from Superdry is no exception to that.

Superdry Leather Jacket for Men


Another reason why we like jackets is because it hides whatever undesirable thing we are wearing inside. Think about a situation like this: You have been invited to a party last minute and you are wearing a t-shirt that looks like crap. The easiest way to salvage your outfit? Wear a jacket over your shirt and you get rid of the problem.

Apart from jackets, stylish trench coats like the one below are very tempting as well.  It doesn’t get that cold in Manila so I don’t think you’ll need something like this, but if you are flying to Japan or Korea for the holidays, then this is required.


Superdry Trench Coat for Men


All the apparel you’ve seen are available at the Superdry Store located in the Central Square Building of Bonifacio High Street Taguig. I suggest you check them out.

Superdry Store


So tell me: which of these do you want to get for Christmas?


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Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


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