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STM Arc Laptop Sleeve and Trestle Backpack for Guys on the Go

This week I’m featuring two bags from STM that fits your urban lifestyle and helps protect your digital gear.

STM Arc 13″ Green Camo Laptop Sleeve

I’ve always thought that laptop sleeves are kind of useless accessories. I mean seriously, if you come to think about it, most laptop sleeves are thin and they barely protect your laptop from bumps and scratches. Most of the time, they only serve as pretty covers. Heck, you would even have trouble carrying sleeves around because they don’t normally come with a handle.

My perspective about laptop sleeves changed dramatically when I learned about the STM Arc 13″ Green Camo laptop sleeve.

STM Arc 13-inch Laptop Sleeve Camouflage


“Finally,..” I thought, “..here is a laptop sleeve that is more than just an ornament. It has a real purpose.”

STM Arc 13-inch Laptop Sleeve Green Camo for Notebooks


What I like about it first and foremost is its padding that gives superior protection to my VAIO notebook.

STM Arc Laptop Sleeve Padding


Aside from that, the sleeve is made up of water-resistant fabric and comes with durable zippers that do not easily break.

STM Arc 13-inch Laptop Sleeve Durable Zippers


You will also see that it has a front pocket where you can insert your mouse or laptop charger.

And did I mention that I like its tough-looking camouflage army design too?

STM Arc 13-inch Laptop Sleeve Camouflage 2


But perhaps one of the best features of this laptop sleeve is its set of handles. Surprisingly, it comes not just with one handle, but two. This makes the sleeve much easier to carry around.

Pictured below is the quick grab handle. In case you don’t know where it is, I suggest you look at the photo below and find the small handle on the far end of the laptop. Yes, that’s the first handle that I’m talking about.

STM Arc 13-inch Laptop Sleeve Camouflage quick grab handle


The second handle is actually an adjustable and removable strap which you can attach to the sleeve enabling you to carry it on your shoulders and ultimately transforming the sleeve into a mini laptop bag.

STM Arc 13-inch Laptop Sleeve Camouflage with removable strap (2)

STM Arc 13-inch Laptop Sleeve Green Camo Removable Strap

Whoever in STM thought of adding a strap on this sleeve is a genius.

I bring this sleeve with me whenever I go out to blog at coffee shops. Like me, I’m sure you will love the lightweight feel of it.


STM Trestle 13” Laptop Backpack – Navy Blue

While the STM Arc Green Camo Sleeve is a light and useful piece of gear to carry around, there are quite a number of times where you would want a bigger bag to carry something more besides your laptop. Perhaps there are instances when you would like to carry a book to read, a pair of earphones or even a bottle of water in one relatively small backpack as you leave the house. And that is when the Trestle 13 incher bag from STM comes in handy.

STM Trestle 13” Laptop Backpack – Navy Blue (1)


When I first laid my eyes on it, I knew that I was drawn by it because of its vibrant royal blue color and its relatively small size. On initial look, would you even think that it can fit a 13-inch notebook?

STM Trestle 13” Laptop Backpack – Navy Blue (2)

I bet not. But yes guys, I was able to fit a laptop, a tablet, a phone and a few more stuffs in it.

And because STM designed this backpack for digital cargo, you will instantly notice that similar to most of their other bags, this Trestle backpack is also padded everywhere to ensure that your devices are safe and sound as they rest between the bag’s cradle-like cushion.

STM Trestle 13” Laptop Backpack – Navy Blue (3)


If you turn the bag on one side, you’ll find a garterized pocket which can hold an umbrella or a bottle of water in place just like the one I have pictured below.

STM Trestle 13” Laptop Backpack – Navy Blue (4)


As soon as you turn the bag to the other side, you will see a pocket big enough to fit in a bunch of keys. I find this very useful since I have a plethora of keys for my condo and office pedestal.

STM Trestle 13” Laptop Backpack – Navy Blue (5)



The lower front pocket that you will see here below is where I store my laptop’s charger, mouse and other peripherals. It is also where I keep my phone and sunglasses too.

STM Trestle 13” Laptop Backpack – Navy Blue (8)


The upper front pocket can be used for storing your identification cards. As for me, I use it to keep my wallet since I like the pocket of my pants empty most of the time for fashion reasons.

STM Trestle 13” Laptop Backpack – Navy Blue (9)


The bag may look small but it is remarkably rich in storage space. In the main compartment, you will find my laptop, tablet and external hard drive. I also have some magazines in case I’m bored and want to read something which is not on the Internet.

STM Trestle 13” Laptop Backpack – Navy Blue (10)


Now if I ask you to look closely at the picture below, you will find two horizontal blue lines inside the bag. And you know what they are? Those are two individual pockets to safely store gadgets. The bigger pocket behind is for your laptop while the smaller one in front of it is dedicated to your tablet. Pretty cool.

STM Trestle 13” Laptop Backpack – Navy Blue (11)


So have you ever wondered how my stuff would look like once you dissect and pull them out of my bag? Well guys, here you go.

STM Trestle 13” Laptop Backpack – Navy Blue (12)

These are all of my stuffs contained in my STM Trestle backpack. The bag may look small, but no doubt it could carry and protect not only your electronics, but also your other belongings which you like to bring with you.

Currently, the STM Trestle serves as my daily carry-on backpack wherever I go. It is ideal for students and for IT dudes like me who live and breathe in the city.

STM bags are available at Urbanize Stores, Power Mac Center & Rustan’s Department stores nationwide. To know more about STM, check them on Facebook.

Disclosure: This post is a collaboration between PGG and STM bags.


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