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Top Barbershops and Salons for Men in the Philippines

If you live in the provinces, you know for sure that men’s haircuts typically cost between 35 Pesos to 70 Pesos only at your local barbershop. The rates are pretty cheap.

But how about if you live in the metro? Which barbershops are the best for guys when it comes to getting a new haircut? And more importantly, how much does getting a new hairstyle cost these days here in the city?

Over here on Pinoy Guy Guide, we did our research and compiled the top barbershops and salons in Mega Manila (in no particular order) and came up with a small review and comparison chart on what services do each barbershop offer, what are their specialties when it comes to hairstyling and other services and how much are the prices of their haircuts and hair coloring for men.

So if you are looking for a place where to get your next stylish haircut, then this guide will surely help you to find the barbershop that is ideal for you and is within your budget.


1. David’s Salon

David’s Salon has been in existence for as long as I could remember. They are more popular as a women’s salon, but in my experience, they also do excellent haircuts for men.



Men’s Haircut Price Range: Php 250 to Php 300

  • Price includes shampoo
  • Price will depend on the available stylist.
  • Cheaper rates for regular/junior stylists.
  • More expensive for more experienced/senior stylists.
  • Junior stylists will do the haircut by default unless the customer requests for a senior stylist.

Men’s Hair Color Price: Php 1,700


2. Bench Fix Salon

Bench Fix is a popular choice among millennials due to it being endorsed by top celebrities. However, being one of the top salons in the country has one caveat: you need reservations or else you’ll wait forever.


But nonetheless, booking in advance is worth it because their hairstylists are experienced and they know the latest trends and the most fashionable hairstyles for guys.



Men’s Haircut Price: P250 (Junior Barber); P350 (Senior Stylist)

  • Price includes shampoo
  • Price will depend on the available stylist.
  • Cheaper rates for regular/junior stylists.
  • More expensive for more experienced/senior stylists.
  • Junior barbers will do the haircut by default unless the customer requests for a senior stylist

Men’s Hair Color Price: Php 1,800

Men’s Shaving: Php 150


3. Bench Barbers

An interesting barbershop brand that has just sprouted is Bench Barbers. They are also owned by Bench and sits beside Bench Fix in Glorietta. They cater their services more towards male customers.


Men’s Haircut Price: Php 350

  • Price includes shampoo

Men’s Shave: Php 400

Men’s Haircut with shampoo and facial massage: Php 400

Men’s Hair Color Price: Php 1,800

Massage: Php 800



4. Azta Urban Salon

I’ve been a fan of Azta Urban Salon ever since. They give you that much-needed trendy look for your hair and you know what they specialize most in?

Hair color.

I’ve done hair coloring with them in 2012 and 2013 and I can’t wait to be back. It’s been a while.



Men’s Haircut Price: Php 250 (with shampoo)

Shampoo and Blow Dry only: Php 200

Men’s Haircolor Price: Starts at Php 800


5. Bruno’s Barbers

One barbershop that I’ve been rooting for lately is Bruno’s Barbers. They are very good in executing comb-over haircuts (Alden Richards-style) as what you’ve seen on my Instagram here.


Bruno’s Barbers is the barbershop I trusted to cut my hair right before my wedding last year and apart from giving you a great looking haircut, they also give you one of the best massages. In fact, they have a wide range of massage services in their menu – something that is not so common among barbershops. Check below for prices.


Men’s Haircut Price: Php 280 (without shampoo); Php 380 (with shampoo and blow dry)

Shampoo: Php 180

Men’s Hair Color: Php 1,200

Men’s Shave: Php 300


  • Body Massage (30 mins) – Php 350
  • Scalp Massage (15 mins) – Php 230
  • Back Massage (15 mins) – Php 230
  • Hand Massage (15 mins) – Php 230
  • Foot Massage (15 mins) – Php 230


6. Felipe & Sons Barberdashery

One barbershop that has gone a long way from being a newcomer to now a game changer and a very popular barbershop is Felipe & Sons.


I recall being one of their very first guests and during the first couple of months after they opened, they had very few clients. But fast forward today, they have skyrocketed to fame and you now need to reserve about a day in advance because they are always booked.

What makes them unique is aside from being a barbershop, they are also a haberdashery – they make suits for men, hence, the name Felipe & Sons Barberdashery.*

Aside from their Makati Branch, they now also have a branch in Ortigas and another one in Bonifacio Global City.


Cut and Rinse (Men’s Haircut with Shampoo): Php 360

Shave: Php 450

Beard Sculpting: Php 450

Hair Color: Php 1,300 (with ammonia); Php 1,750 (without ammonia and no chemical smell)


  • Two Bits (Cut and Rinse + Shave) – P700
  • Dye Hard (Cut and Rinse + Color) – P1,600

*Felipe and Sons also sells shirts, suits, coats, vests, and pants. They also have products on hair care, shave care, beard care, accessories, men’s wear, and foot wear.


*    *   *   *

So those are the most popular salons and barbershops for men here in Metro Manila. Have you tried any of them? Which one is your favorite?


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Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


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